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Nothing but Short and Sweet

Twelve Short and Sweets

Ray Rice –
Keep it up! Rice needs to finish the season on a complete tear in order to save face for 2014. He needs to reward patient owners and continue to run with authority while finding the end zone consistently. Perhaps the return of Dennis Pitta will open up the run game a bit more.

Le’Veon Bell –
What in the hell was that last week? Bell had about 15 chances to get into the end zone from the 1-yard line and failed to do so 15 times. Bell seems to be a far more talented receiver than a rusher and could find himself in a timeshare if he doesn’t get his act together.

Mike Glennon –
So far, so good, for the young quarterback. But is Glennon good enough to earn the starter’s role next season? The Tampa Bay quarterback needs to continue his current pace to force Tampa Bay to forgo pursuing a free agent option in the offseason. He could also force himself into being a matchup based starting option for the remainder of the year depending how things go.

Adrian Peterson –
Not his fault, but it’s still hurting his value. Peterson has to create his own production as the offense is a complete dumpster fire and defenses are loading the box. Peterson has to break some of those long runs and score early in order to ensure carries in the second half of the game. Peterson could slide down the ranks if he doesn’t finish hot.

Andre Johnson –
The squabble between he and now second-string quarterback
Matt Schaub

created a lot of controversy over the past week. In fact, rumors are already swirling that Johnson could be sent packing this offseason. Johnson would be wise to go all out in order to get the hot stove burning before the age factor sets in. A move to San Diego, Baltimore or even New England could depend upon it.

Philip Rivers –
Is he a clear-cut QB1 or is he simply a plug-and-play option to be paired with another QB2? This matchup against Kansas City will answer that question quickly as the Chiefs held
Peyton Manning

to his first one touchdown game of the year. There is a ton of value on the line for Rivers as he could finish the season with a top-10 ranking at the quarterback spot.

Cam Newton –
Next season’s quarterback listing will look almost nothing like this year’s.
Tom Brady

is on the slide along with others like
Colin Kaepernick

and Robert Griffin III. While
Peyton Manning

Drew Brees

have the top two rankings sewn up, the third spot is a jump ball. Newton has played like a man on fire and needs to continue to do so in order to cement himself in the third spot.

Tavon Austin –
Is this guy
DeSean Jackson

Part II or is he a pretender? Austin looked nothing short of amazing with his three touchdowns and huge playmaking ability on display against the Indianapolis Colts. Was that a fluke or an appetizer for what’s ahead? He’s going to have to do it more than once in order to earn starter-worthy status.

Victor Cruz –
If ever Cruz was going to go off for a big game it would be here against the Dallas Cowboys. Cruz has absolutely dominated Dallas over the years, including this season’s first matchup. Cruz hasn’t fallen off or all of a sudden lost his speed, but his quarterback’s issues are clearly impacting his output. Cruz has been on the slide the past few weeks and needs to create a shock to remind owners of his skill set.

Danny Amendola –
Since returning to the lineup, now fully healthy, Amendola still hasn’t lived up to owners’ expectations. Last week against Carolina, Amendola should have been a slot machine catching ball after ball underneath the Carolina coverage. Instead, he was just a blip on the stat sheet. Time for Amendola to showcase his ability to replace
Wes Welker

or he’ll fall down to WR3 status until he snaps out of it.

Colin Kaepernick –
There isn’t a lot of time left for Kaepernick to regain his form from 2012. Owners used a high pick on Kaepernick looking for a week-in, week-out QB1, but have been stuck with a matchup based option at best. The Washington defense is on the brink of completely breaking and the 49ers quarterback needs to go off big to remind owners of what he is capable of.

Reggie Bush –
Time to go back to the early season big plays. Distancing himself from his injury, Bush should be set to go off like a powder keg against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here in Week 12. A letdown would be a big time black mark on his resume moving forward. It really doesn’t get much easier
than this.

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