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Number Four on July 4th

It’s the fourth of July, and how ironic it is that #4 is
creating quite the fireworks show on the day that

celebrates its independence.

  It’s a day
that we take the time to salute those who have fallen.

  It’s a day that we celebrate the red, white,
and blue with parades, charcoaled burgers and hot dogs (or whatever tickles the
fancy), and high class fireworks; well at least at my house.

  But most of all it’s a day where we can sit
back on our favorite lawn chair, say thank you to the soldiers who have fought
for our freedoms to this fine land, and talk freely about anything we choose to
talk about.

  So what do you say we talk
about #4 a little?

  Well, I’ll just give
you the facts, and then you can talk freely about it while you find that
favorite lawn chair of yours.


As most of us know and as reported by’s Chris Mortenson, Brett Favre has an “itch” to play

  What does this mean?

  It’s simple; he wants to come back regardless
of how much he denies it, “It’s all rumor,” Favre said in response to the
initial report.

  And rumor has it that
he’s made his “itch” known to plenty of people around him including Packers
cornerback Al Harris.

  “I’ve talked to
Brett and I know he has the itch to come back and play,” Harris said on ESPN’s
NFL Live.

 “If he will or not, I don’t
know. But I know he’s feeling he wants to play.”

As for his family, well some like his brother Scott and
former General Manager Ron Wolf aren’t surprised. “There’s no doubt he can
play,” Scott told

WTMJ radio. “He’s
in good shape, he’s working out, we know he can still play, he’s healthy, so,
if he did, it wouldn’t surprise me.”

for the former general manager, “I hadn’t heard anything about that,” said
Wolf. “When I had talked to him, it sounded like he had had it. It was
after he had the press conference up there in

Green Bay.
But time has a way of healing those things, and there were a lot of people that
probably thought he did that too early. You can look at it two ways; you go out
the way you’re supposed to go out. But I think all of us thought that he could
still play.”


The most troubling part of this story is why did he retire
in the first place?

  And is there
something more to the Favre fireworks we’re missing out on?

  His mother, Bonita, revealed some compelling
information on

WITI-TV in regards to
what her son may have been feeling at the time, “He’s felt like that for the
last couple of years, that the Packers didn’t really want him back,” said Bonita
Favre. “But nothing’s been said. You know it’s just been bits and pieces
throughout the last couple of years, things that would come up, and it just
didn’t seem like they went out of their way to keep him. It was kind of like,
‘You’re done.’”

According to NFL spokesperson Carl Francis Favre still
remains active, “He never filed any paperwork officially retiring from the
NFL,” Francis said.

The Packers have options which include allowing Favre to
quarterback this team for one more season, only to throw Rodgers to the bench
once again, who let’s not forget told

recently that Packers fans need to forget about Brett Favre and
accept him as the new QB, or just shut up.

Talk about a situation that will tailspin out of control.

If Favre comes back one quarterback has to be
traded, and while early indications don’t morally point in the direction of the
icon, it seems to be the most logical move for the Packers franchise as a



So where will Favre end up if does come back and get traded?

  Recent rumors, according to have Favre wanting
to go the Carolina Panthers so he can throw darts to the likes of Steve Smith,
DJ Hackett, and Muhsin Muhammad, but according to the

Rock Hill Herald’s Darin Gantt the Panthers may not feel the same
way as they have a very capable starter in Jake Delhomme and are very happy
with the progression of Matt Moore, which is good news in itself.

  So where does that leave Favre?


While most of us knew the Favre retirement talk would
continue all the way up to opening kickoff, not many could’ve predicted a fireworks
extravaganza such as this filled with controversy, trade rumors, and Jake

  Now, Packers fans and fantasy
owners just have to wait for the finale, which I’m sure will end with an icon
sized bang.


In the meantime enjoy your Fourth of July celebrations and
don’t forget to talk about number four.


Thanks for reading!

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