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Observation Deck – Week 1

The Saints

Though I try to stay on football, I can’t help but talk about other things in my columns. Everyone has their opinion on Katrina, and I am no exception.  Here it is: All day we heard (and rightly so, I might add)  about how important it was for the Saints to go out and play, if for no other reason than to give the residents of Louisiana, wherever they were, three hours to “forget” and enjoy a sporting event. If that is true, then why did Fox feel it necessary to cut coverage of the game to most of the country with fifteen seconds to go while the Saints were driving for the winning score? I somehow think that missing a few minutes of the afternoon game to see the Saints overcome everything so far and go to Carolina and win would be important to everyone, if not at least tolerable to everyone. I see this as irresponsible journalism and Fox should be ashamed of themselves.


Mike Shanahan

Now that I have that out of the way, someone rescue Mike Shanahan from out in front of that bus. I guess the long string of no name running backs that look like Hall-of-Famers may be coming to an end. Tatum Bell had 17 yards on 15 carries, which is abysmal. He actually had 47 yards, but I didn’t want to make his day look even close to normal with one thirty yard scamper. Jake Plummer looked confused with an offense he has been in for two years, and couldn’t manage to even complete a pass until the second quarter. Jeez, and I thought I had a bargain picking him in the eighth round. This was going to be Jake’s year… yeah right. Unfortunately he is the same player he was at Arizona. When he’s good, he’s really good. When he’s bad, he makes you want to jab a pencil right through your temple. Oh yeah, and nice third round pick on Mo Clarett by the way. Not mentally capable of being an NFL running back some said. Shanahan admitted his “mistake” drafting Clarett. Really? People in Sweden knew it was a mistake, but that didn’t stop him from doing it. He must have gotten that pick from Rick Spielman. Yuck.


Jets and Chiefs

Is it just me or did the Jets and Chiefs go through some reverse personality switch? The Jets looked ineffective and dazed against the Kansas City defense (apparently no longer an oxymoron) and the Chiefs methodically picked apart one of the best-rated defenses in the league. I bet every team wishes they had Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes to choose from on offense.


I have a feeling that Chad Pennington is either not as healed as he has led on, or his questionable arm strength is exactly what it has been advertised to be. Either way, though early, these teams seem to be going in different directions. If Herm Edwards had any hair before this game, he certainly doesn’t have any left now.


I’m sick of T.O.

I am so sick and tired of T.O. and his antics. Despite all the deserved press around the tragedy in the southeast, we still hear about this idiot and what his daily temperament is. I don’t wish any ill will on the man, but I just wish someone or something would shut this guy up once and for all. At least he took some time this week to visit the hurricane-ravaged area, and auctioned off his NFC championship ring to benefit the victims. But then in true T.O. form, he tells the press that he plans to talk to Donovan to end the silence. Even then it has to be about him. That being said, I still wanted to draft him but went for Randy Moss instead. We’ll see how that works out.


Let’s first examine Owensgate for a moment. Owens bowed out, spoke out, held out, came back, got hurt, got thrown out, and came back again. All the while he has acted like a six-year-old at the behest of his idiot agent. Owens has said numerous times that he is underpaid, so let’s take a look. Stats do not lie.



3yr Averages


2004 Salary*



















* Statistics furnished by USA Today

** Statistics furnished by


Owens was the second highest paid receiver last year, and his numbers are third best in the group. Sounds like his compensation is right on the money to me.

If Owens hadn’t stood there in front of Andy Reid last year and said he was misunderstood and had a bad rap due to enormous press coverage, I might feel differently.  I do believe he has more game than anyone else — even Randy Moss — purely on effort. However, when you make 9 million dollars and you tell the people who help to pay your salary, most of whom make about 40 thousand, that you are underpaid for working basically 8 months a year, it is probably not going to be well received. That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.


Quick Hits:


The Raiders are going to be a handful for many teams this year. That is provided that Kerry Collins can find a way to get the ball out of his hands. Despite his bumbling, he still throws one of the best long-balls in the business.


The 49ers will only be a handful for Mike Nolan. They put on an inspired performance against the Rams, but I have a feeling there are some dark days ahead. They are halfway to their win total from last year though, and that has to count for something.


So much for the sophomore slump, Big Ben was 9 of 11 for 218 and 2TDs, no INTs.   


I would be willing to bet there will be some scrambling for 49ers and Cowboys receivers in this week’s waiver wire. Patrick Crayton looked really good, and no former Atlanta reject should change that. Hopefully Bill Parcells sees the same thing.


All Cleveland players are officially banned from my fantasy team.  


It is early, but the Colts look like they have made the moves to be a champion. If they get home-field advantage and stay healthy, look out. Two big ifs though.


I hope that everyone does everything they can to help the victims of the hurricane. We have many people taking shelter here in San Antonio, and it makes me proud to see the city and the country get behind these people who have lost everything.


Thanks for listening, until week 2…..

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