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Observation Deck – Week 12

All the drama that was the Eagles’ season ended on Monday. No, it didn’t involve T.O.; it was the decision for McNabb to end his season and have surgery. It couldn’t have been easy by any stretch of the imagination to play with bruised ribs (or sternum depending on your source) not to mention a sports hernia. A great deal has been made about how tough McNabb is, despite what Owens said after the Super Bowl. However, he certainly seemed to lose something this year in playing with the pain. His deep throws were eerily absent, and he seemed to tire as games progressed. Not even his early proficiency could save their offensive performance in the first half.  It was quite evident to me in seeing his face walking off the field in the fourth quarter of many games that he was completely spent. Regardless of how their season turns out without either star, I think McNabb will be happy with the decision he made, and the one Reid made. You have to back the play of your franchise quarterback and the undisputed leader of your team. Wide receivers come and go and though they may lead by example and work ethic (see Jerry Rice) they are not the team leader. The quarterback is.


Leaving on a Jet Plane


I have to wonder how Herm Edwards can stay so amazingly calm during games, when his character and personality suggest the very opposite. Even though he has emphatically denied it, even saying there is no question he will return, Herm has already started game planning to take over in Kansas City. My only question is why would the Chiefs want him? I’ll tell you why – because he is a great coach who needs a little touch of good luck.  Sure, the Jets are a complete disaster. They are 30th in total offense and 30th against the run. But let’s face facts: they are working on their fourth quarterback, Wayne Chrebet is considering retirement and Curtis Martin finally looks his age after having a banner year in 2004. Their center, Kevin Mawae, is out for the season. Are the problems really Herm’s fault? I say no. He has led his team to the playoffs three out of four seasons, but people don’t really give him credit because he has only won a single playoff game. Things will change in Kansas City, as he will inherit a young, talented running back, one of the best offensive lines in the game, and will have the opportunity to put his stamp on an underachieving defense. With the problems he has experienced this season, you may see him be the first coach to draft three quarterbacks in a single draft.


Moon over Miami


Nick Saban said Monday that there is no quarterback controversy with the Fins. That’s true because they all suck. What else can you say when you have Gus Frerotte, Sage Rosenfels and Cleo Lemon (who?) to choose from. I know Saban wants to be known as a coach that can take anyone and turn them into a winner, but between their quarterbacks and wanting to bring back Ricky Williams I must question his personnel decisions. And now he has to go back and draw up a game plan after getting snuffed by the Cleveland Browns 22-0. Here’s a game plan for you: score some touchdowns, and try to keep the other team from scoring touchdowns.  While you’re at it, maybe even kick a field goal or two.  Go ahead, go crazy.  The sad thing is that Miami isn’t playing quite poorly enough to get into the Matt Leinart sweepstakes. To top it off, they lost their all-world linebacker, Zach Thomas, to a forearm injury in the beating they took on Sunday. If you want to find Nick for an interview, just look under his desk. He’ll be the one curled up in the fetal position sobbing in the corner.



Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week: MIA vs. CLE – This game was used to treat insomniac patients this week, with astonishing results. I think only eight people actually attended the game, and the rest of the crowd was computer generated. At least season tickets should be easy to come by next season.


Quick Hits:


If anyone wanted to know if the Bears are for real, I think the question was answered when they harassed a very good Carolina team this week. I don’t think Orton can take them to the championship by any stretch of the imagination, but that defense is going to give a lot of teams fits. Steve Smith got 169 yards, and they still only managed one field goal.  


Every Steelers fan is glad that Ben Roethlisberger is going to be back next week. No predictions this time though. I think the Colts are in a class by themselves. I would feel differently about the game if the Colts were traveling to the big ketchup bottle.


To everyone that thought Buffalo would be better off with J.P Losman under center: nice call. It doesn’t help that the defense would have allowed Drew Brees’ mother to throw for at least two of those touchdowns. 48-10 is just plain embarrassing.


What a shootout in Cincinnati. Anyone think the Colts offense has lost a step? Unstoppable.


Seattle can clinch the NFC West in Week 12. The irony in that is they came this close to losing to San Francisco on Sunday. That defense has to step up if they want to be around long in January.


Jamal Lewis is quickly playing his way out of a Ravens uniform. He is simply not running hard anymore. I guess the 2000 yard jinx is more fact than fiction.


Larry Johnson is a monster.


I give up trying to understand the Redskins.  Seriously, I’m done.  If you figure them out, let me know.


Houston is on the clock.  Enough said.


Thanks for reading, on to week 12. Good luck to everyone on their way to the playoffs.

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