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Observation Deck – Week 13

With all the problems the Eagles have, they have still managed to stay competitive. That was, until Monday night. They went down fourteen to nothing early, with the Seahawks taking their first possession down the field at will for six, and intercepting McMahon for a second score. Considering all this, I have to pose a question to Andy Reid. Why would you run for it on 4th and 1 at the Seattle 47? I understand being down 28-0 and presumably nothing to lose but you have no power running game, in fact you have no running game at all. Up to that point, Westbrook had 17 yards on eleven carries. 3rd and 1, no gain. You are getting dominated up front and you decide that’s the time to try and pound it up the middle? It was clear that Seattle had no respect for the pass, but at least run a screen or something. Give Westbrook a chance to get out in space and move the chains.

Bearly Scoring

Speaking of out in space, the Bears continue to be an enigma. They have won eight straight, and I was confident Kyle Orton could manage the game enough to win a playoff game, now I am not so sure. Their defense has been stellar, but they could not score a touchdown against one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The skepticism that has followed them the entire year is well justified in my opinion. If their ball-hawking defense allows say twenty points instead of the ten points they average, I don’t think the offense will be able to keep up. Seattle can do both, holding their opponents to 17 while scoring 28. So can Carolina. Time will tell if the Bears are living a charmed life, or just a dream that they will be awoken from soon.

Broken Big Ben

We have seen some really tough performances by quarterbacks, namely Steve McNair, Donovan McNabb, and Brett Favre to name a few. I have to say that Ben Roethlisberger raised his ante into that club this week. Though it has not been confirmed, he broke a bone in his thumb in the Indy game and either had the choice to go on IR or wear a splint and play. All he did was throw for a career high 41 times and 386 yards in the loss. Many will say that the three interceptions were because of the thumb, but I think they had a great deal more to do with poor decision-making trying to make plays to win. Despite all this, I don’t think he’ll make it the rest of the season much less the playoffs. Of course, they won’t have to worry about the playoffs if they can’t beat Chicago next week. I have a feeling the Bears are not going to be easy on him just because his thumb is broken.

Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week: TB vs. NO – How is it that you can force four interceptions and only score ten points, against the porous Saints defense? The thirty-two Saints fans that actually attended the game had hope all the way to the end. If the Bucs don’t find some offense, they are going to have an early exit from the playoffs.

Quick Hits:

Someone needs to tell Tony Dungy to throw caution to the wind and leave his players in at least until Week 16. Doesn’t he play fantasy football?

The Bills remember they need 11 players on defense for every play right? Up twenty they gave up three scores to Miami with Sage Rosenfels at quarterback, and 238 yards receiving to Chris Chambers. That’s almost as bad as Houston blowing their second straight in the closing seconds.

A note to the NFL: Make a decision on where the Saints are going to play, and make it for eight home games. I know they’re terrible, but you give them no chance with all this maybe crap. New Orleans, Baton Rouge, San Antonio, Los Angeles, wherever. Just make a decision so that these guys can find a home again.

I don’t know why Shanahan can’t win in KC.

I would really enjoy and Indy/Seattle Super Bowl. It’s probably not going to happen, though. Too much history to overcome for both teams.

Congratulations to Peerless Price. He got cut from another team this week because he couldn’t make it as the fourth wide receiver. Feel like begging Mike Mularkey for a job?

Braylon Edwards tore an ACL after his best game as a pro. Their draft woes continue. The only way it could get any worse for the Browns is if they start talks with Bernie Kosar to come back to quarterback. Now that I think about it that may be an improvement.

Shaun Alexander is six scores from breaking the record for TDs. Remaining games are SF, TEN, IND and GB. Unless the Seahawks completely self-destruct, it’s pretty much a lock.


On to week fourteen, hopefully you’re on the road to your championship…

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