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Observation Deck – Week 16

As everyone knows, Monday night signified the end of an era, thirty five years of Monday night football on ABC. Unfortunately, they were about five years too late in doing so. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade having football on Monday nights, if nothing else it certainly makes our fantasy weeks more exciting. However, the show lost its luster about a decade ago, and ABC has struggled to get ratings. In a strange parody, the Jets lost both the inaugural and the final MNF game, by the same score no less. The problem with MNF in my estimation is they haven’t had a good color man in years. Al Michaels has been stellar with play by play, but even he seems frustrated at times with John Madden. What they should have done was steal someone like Troy Aikman or Daryl Johnston away from Fox. These guys are better at calling a game, appeal to a younger generation, and know the modern game better. ESPN is going to have a tall task trying to do better next year, especially considering the fact the game is no longer going to be on public access, you will have to pay for the privilege of being bored to tears most nights.

Home for the Holidays

Someone please explain to me what in the hell is wrong with the Chargers? What happened to the fire we saw against the Colts? This week they were in a must win game and they completely fell apart. LT touched the ball only 18 times. If he was still hurting from the chest injury, I think they still had that guy named Michael Turner who only had 113 yards in relief last week. Given, 83 of those came on one run but he provided a spark to the offense. Of course, this is the same KC defense that looked like a pop warner squad last week against Tiki Barber. Schottenheimer said his team was outplayed. You think? How about outcoached? Un-defeated teams you can handle; getting to the playoffs, not so much.

Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week: OAK vs. DEN – Kerry Collins completed just 41 percent of his passes, and the only scoring was the garbage field goal by Mr. Krispy Kreme. I guess all those experts were right about picking a kicker and punter in the first two rounds. The Raiders just plain suck.

Quick Hits:

If there is a reason not to bring Joe Vitt back as head coach next year, it is letting the 49ers come to town and beat you by rushing for 217 yards. They were averaging 92 yards a game coming in, which is depressing.

One gripe about the Pro Bowl: how does Michael Vick make the cut? He is twentieth or worse in all major statistical categories for a quarterback. This is why the Pro Bowl has become like American Idol. Popularity has too much to do with the outcome.

Nick Saban has done a job with Miami this year. Taking that crew after the Ricky fiasco and making them a .500 ball club is impressive. If they ever find a quarterback, the Patriots may actually have a challenge for the division next year.

Congratulations to Vinny Testaverde for throwing a TD pass in a record setting 19th straight season. You may not have to be in the league until you turn to dust just to get into the Hall.

My advice to Byron Leftwich: stay out until playoffs. Everyone knows how tough you are, and you are the only QB that gives your team a chance to win. Except when you play the Pats in the opening round. That is of course unless Marvin Lewis’ plan works. See below.

Brett Favre has not thrown a TD in 190 attempts, all the while throwing nine interceptions. Is it time to call it?

I need to get some of whatever Kyle Boller is on. It only took him five years to wake up, but he has thrown for 793 yards and 7 TDs with 3 picks, while completing 66% of his passes. It may be too little, too late though.

I know the Bengals haven’t been in the position in a long time, but they do know they were fighting for a first round bye, correct? Oh, now I get it. No one wants to play New England or Pittsburgh right now, and if they fall to the four spot they will get the Jags and the Steelers and Patriots can kill each other in Foxboro. Very clever, Marv.

I hope championship week found you finishing in the money, on to week 17….

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