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Observation Deck Week 4

Albert Haynesworth made himself a bigger story than T.O. this week. Unfortunately he did it in classic T.O. style. He embarrassed himself, his coach and his team. His actions bring to light a problem that has been present in the league always, but only rears it’s ugly head once and a while. Head to head collisions, piling on, spitting and taunting all represent the inability to control emotions which has no place in the arena of sports. The league handed out an unparalleled suspension for on field events, suspending him for five games. Personally, I think the team should cut him after the five game suspension is up. This man has no right to earn the money he does when he is going to act like a thug. Now, we have all lost our temper before, using expletives where they don’t belong, venting steam in displeasure of something that happened but it doesn’t happen at work, and it certainly doesn’t happen like this. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be working. Why should an entertainer and athlete be treated any differently? My God, it took thirty stitches to repair the damage done. Where I come from, we call that felonious assault.


It comes down to simple rage. We need to start setting increased standards for the players that represent the teams we love. I am not saying that extensive psychological evaluations would be the end all answer to these problems, but simply examining their character during combines and workouts is not enough. Coaches has extensive experience dealing with players from all backgrounds and bringing them together as a team, but they are not exactly the person to counsel and, if necessary, weed out certain candidates from the draft. As our athletes become bigger and stronger and the use of “supplements” becomes more prevalent, the league and the teams have to take notice and correct this before someone literally gets killed. You might be saying, “but he apologized, what else do you want?” If I assaulted someone, I can’t apologize and make things all better and go on with my life. There are consequences, and a suspension just isn’t enough.


Speaking of total head cases, our favorite receiver plunged himself into the news week again, due to a reaction/suicide attempt/idiotic media time grab/ whatever. No one is going to be sad when you’re gone, T.O. No one is going to be arguing for your bid to the Hall of Fame, no one is going to remember the wonderful catches or the gritty performances you displayed. You’re going to be remembered for the crap that you put us through, and the petty four year old behavior you displayed your entire career. However, you will be immortalized in some way as, according to your equally lame publicist, you are a man of statue.


Last but no least, we have Eric Mangini. Now he his not a head case, in fact I am of the firm belief he had trouble finding his head buried so deep up his ass. He made a monumentally gutsy call, not kicking the field goal and I have no issue with that at all. He is what I do have issue with. You call a rollout, isolation play to your backup tight end. You have a quarterback with a chip on his shoulder about everything in his game, including his toughness. You give him one place to throw, he takes it and it gets picked. Given, that was the lamest throw I’ve seen but give the guy some options. Call a play that gives you’re quarterback a chance.


One last note about the Jets/Colts game. I was near the point of strangulation with Dan Dierdorf saying how good Pennington’s arm looked and how he was really showing some velocity on his passes. I have more velocity on my passes, and I couldn’t hit a trash can on the other side of the room. Moron. How’s that for anger management?


Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week : SF vs KC – Actually, this was never a game at all. Great from a fantasy persepective, but anytime a defense makes Damon Huard look like Tom Brady, there are problems abound.


Quick Hits:


Marty, Marty Marty, when are you ever going to learn to go for the throat?


Santana Moss is a beast. Despite a relatively vanilla offense he is lightning in a bottle every time he catches the ball. He completely shredded a more than capable Jacksonville defense.


Detroit just plain sucks.


Ever wonder if Art Shell is thinking he should have just let Al Davis’ call go to voicemail?


Vince Young said this week that he wasn’t aware that after Texas he had to go through another two years of eligibility at the University of Tennessee before entering the NFL.


The Seahawks chartered plane made an emergency landing to provide medical treatment to assistant coach Ray Rhodes. Apparently, while they were in town, they made a frantic search for their offense.


Dennis Green said Matt Leinart is ready to play for the Cards this week, after another dismal performance by Kurt Warner. I wasn’t aware he was qualified to play on the offensive line.


Thanks for reading everyone, on to next week ….

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