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Observation Deck – Week 4

The Saints have long enjoyed a legacy of losing ways and fans with bags on their heads. The future of the team may be no different, but at least they had a crowd this week that made them feel at home. Though the city of San Antonio could not fill the Alamodome for the Saints and Bills on Sunday, they had enough representatives to rock the place during the game. One of the commentators said that he had never heard a louder crowd. Now given, the commentator is probably a moron but that’s ok. His point is well taken. The players enjoyed being here and the fans enjoyed having them here. It’s just great to see things like that.


Keep On Chargin’


Let’s get to the hot topic that is on everyone’s mind. The Patriots getting pasted by the Chargers at home. Was it luck that got them as far as they did? Are they finished? A resounding NO on both counts. Luck does not win you three Super Bowls. 2-2 is hardly finished; however, the last time they started 2-2 was 2002, when they missed the playoffs. At some point, injuries mount beyond what any coach is able to salvage. All the losses so far seemed repairable; however, two things stand out: Rodney Harrison for one, and Ted Bruschi for another. Guss Scott got steamrolled by a backup running back and Monty Beisel (Bruschi’s replacement, part of an awful KC defense last year) got run over near the goal line Sunday. I fear the Patriots have lost some of their toughness — one of the traits that got them to where they are today. The next few weeks should show us what kind of team they really are.


Official Screw Up


Speaking of toughness, Gerry Austin certainly has a pair to actually overturn the Marcus Pollard touchdown. His crew called a great game for the first 59 minutes and 40 seconds. Despite all this, the Lions should have won this game long before they lost that call. Brian Griese gave the ball away four times and all the Lions could generate was 13 points. That is just sickening. The real screw up was letting Joey have the ball this long.


Over and Out


The Lions now have another problem: with Joey Harrington’s apparent ineptness at the quarterback position, there has been a great deal of grumbling from the players. With no defined number one, two and three receivers, and a buttload of talent, they have scored exactly 36 points in three games. Charles Rodgers spoke out this week and wondered what his role is. The NFL defined his place, which involves his butt being on the couch at home for the next four games, suspended for substance abuse. At least he will have an excuse for not getting any balls thrown his way.


Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week: NYJ vs. BAL – 411 total yards of offense between both teams and one touchdown between them. We’d all be better off if both these teams just went out and shot themselves (insert obscure movie quote here). Vinny, please take us to a new level of mediocrity.


Quick Hits:


Can someone please tell Mike Martz that sixty passing plays a game is not going to win? Six carries for Steven Jackson in the first half, no yards. Wow.


Mike Nolan would be a lot better off if the games were only fifteen minutes long. He sure knows how to get a lead, he just can’t figure out how to keep it. Two weeks, thirty-eight  points in the first and no wins. Hellooo, defense?


Did the Giants really score 89 points in two weeks? Is there anybody I can still get on the Giants? Amani Toomer is the only one? Crap.


Indy finally found some offense, and of course it happened the week I played Marvin Harrison. So much for my undefeated season.


On to week five….

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