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Observation Deck – Week 5

The fantasy world held it’s collective breath this week as many people saw what could have been a serious injury to Larry Johnson. When is the league going to get tough on these types of things? It is time to end spearing, horsecollars and face mask tackles. Antrel Rolle’s decision to grab whatever he could to bring down a 230 lb man running at full speed could have broken his neck, ending not only his career but his life. I know that football is dangerous, and that alone is part of the mystique that mystifies us every week and drives us crazy over the six months that football is absent from our lives, but enough is enough. So he got flagged on the play, big freakin deal. You really want to stop these types of things? Suspend him for the year. The next time someone spears a receiver going across the middle, same thing. After three offenses, lifetime ban. NFL players cannot continue to act like high paid thugs on AND off the field.


How sad that Houston was on their bye this week. It means they had the opportunity to watch the one that got away help his team to their best start in years. Reggie Bush has accounted for only the league lead in receptions, 552 yards from scrimmage, and just plain excitement when he touches the ball. Mario Williams has 7 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Given, Bush is a skill position however I think the comparisons will go on for years about how idiotic it was not to draft Bush. The Texans can complain about the dollars all they want, but was the savings really worth sinking the franchise deeper into absolute mediocrity then they already were? Houston is dead last in total defense so far this year, and I guess you can make the case that it didn’t hurt too bad, since they were second to last in 2005. If that is your argument, who am I to question a delusion like that?


Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week : NYJ vs. JAX – I know that Alltel Stadium is a tough place to play, but damn. 41-0 is just sick. Leftwich only completed 45% and the game was over in the second quarter. The Jets first five drives : INT, 3 and out, 3 and out, blocked punt, INT. By the end of the game, I bet Pennington was wondering if someone would blame the special teams play on him, too.


Quick Hits:


Another week and another team that runs all over the Colts and loses.


Is Sterling Sharpe part of the NFL substance abuse program yet? He said that the Cowboys did everything on offense needed to win except for the five turnovers. That completely boggles the mind.


Big Ben better get his head on straight if he ever wants to see the playoffs. The defense stifled the Chargers in the first quarter, and all they managed was seven points. He now has 158 attempts without a TD, and nine INTs in that same time.


Has anyone ever seen a fake punt look as bad as the Steelers made it look? My two year old could have drawn a better play in crayon.


Seventeen years ago Art Shell won his opening game as the coach of the Raiders. For the record, that was also the last time he enjoyed working for Al Davis.

Jon Gruden was asked to comment on what he thought of the game and he said “@#!$&? rookies!”


What was Albert Haynesworth doing this week during his suspension? Just kickin’ it.


Nick Saban realized this week he’s got one stone in the pocket, and who has stones in his head while in the pocket.


You see, I got through the whole article without mentioning T.O. Crap! I just did. Oh well, crybaby.


Thanks all, on to next week

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