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Observation Deck – Week 7

For many years, Tiki Barber has been a staple of the Giants offense. Now it seems, the end of the era is coming to pass. Like Robert Smith before him, he is giving up the game of football to pursue the rest of his life. His heart and mind are making this decision for him, as opposed to most professionals who wait for their body to tell them. This is a bold move, leaving millions on the table but I have the feeling he has invested his money well to take care of himself and his children. He may retire as the third all time in yards per carry average, and will probably finish with over 15,000 yards from scrimmage for his career. Not bad for a guy who was too small to compete in the NFL at his position. The only shame will be he will most likely also leave without ever winning a championship.


The Redskins maybe facing some tough decisions, but I think they are very easy. It is time for the 36 year old Mark Brunell to step aside and see how Jason Campbell can do. They are falling behind in a very competitive division, and if you are ever going to give the kid a chance to gain some experience before turning the franchise over to him, now is the time. He may completely suck, he might not. But the kid deserves a chance.


Speaking of teams that need a change of quarterback, another in that division comes to mind in Dallas. Their entire offense is predicated on protecting Drew Bledsoe, and when they don’t is what you see tonight. A fifteen year veteran should never throw an out when you are sitting near the goal line. You are asking for it to be picked and Bledsoe is lucky that it wasn’t run back like his pass against Philly. I know that Bill Parcells is a smart guy that is in total control of his team, but he has only had one playoff appearance with the Cowboys and hasn’t won a playoff game in nine years. Would Bill get fired if they don’t make it with the cancer T.O on the field? Probably not. If that were the scenario, he would probably resign before Jerry had a chance to fire him. Everyone says the Cowboys only have one year to win the Superbowl with T.O., and I think that Bill has the same amount of time.


Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week: ARI vs OAK – How could Dennis Green’s season get any worse? He made his star quarterback look like an ass as lost to a winless team. Hope he loses the bus schedule near the stadium, or you may see him dive in front of one.


Quick Hits:


Matt Bryant hit a 62 yard field goal to give the Bucs the win. Jon Gruden was quoted as saying “I guess kickers aren’t so bad after all.”


Denver is 5-1 scoring only 13.2 points per game, of course they’re only allowing 7.3 points. They need to find a way to score a little more if they want to win the AFC.


Have you ever seen the two starting QBs from the Superbowl go down in the same weekend? Just plain weird.


Steve Hutchinson enacted his revenge by springing Chester Taylor for a 95 yard TD that buried the Seahawks. In a statement, he said that he didn’t feel the Vikings were giving him the ball enough.


San Francisco had a bye this week, and no one noticed.


How does Jacksonville come into Houston, off their bye and lay that giant egg?


The academy award goes to Matt Koenen, for his dramatic role in John Stockton: The Untold Story.


Thanks everyone, on to next week.

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