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OC’s Draft Guide – The Big Uglies

Today’s installment will detail the guys you won’t hear much about after draft day, the guys on the lines; where they game is often won and lost.

If you have any questions/comments, see my thread in the Main forum – I’d be happy to go further in depth regarding a specific player, ranking, what I was thinking that specific day, etc.

  Now sit back, grab your beverage of choice, enjoy, and then tell me how little of a clue I have.

  I’ll be waiting.





Player I’m high on and may be a bargain



Player I’m not high on and feel will be over drafted

OT – I think I, and others, over valued the depth of this class at the beginning of the offseason.

  It’s deep, but it’s not incredibly deep.

  There are some raw talents late in the draft that could start some day, but they’re projects and the middle of this class is not as good as I thought a few months ago.

  If my team were in need of one right now hopefully you’re picking in the top 15 in the draft, there are some projects to be taken during day one but I think they’d be better off taking a late round flier instead.

  ZBS system teams may have a couple of gems sitting for them early in day two, take note.

1. Jake Long Michigan (top 5) – He will be best suited as a RT in the near term, but long term could develop into the anchor at left tackle those at the top of the draft are looking for.

2. Ryan Clady Boise (top 5) – I am beginning to be convinced this kid’s on the same level as Long.

3. Chris Williams Vandy (top 10) – I thought he was going to be a steal months ago, doesn’t look like it anymore but he’ll still be worth it.

  He’s not that far off from the top 2.

4. Brandon Albert Virginia (xxx – early 2nd rounder) – I think the Hype Machine is in full effect, he could be the LT teams are looking for but he’s a huge wildcard and not worth a 1st round pick..

5. Gosder Cherilus (early 2nd rounder) – If your team is in the market for a solid RT I’d bump him above Albert.

6. Carl Nicks Nebraska (early 2nd rounder) – Like Albert, I believe he is a project.

  Unlike Albert, Nicks is being properly valued by the masses.

7. Jeff Otah (xxx – early 3rd rounder) – I do not think he has what it takes to be a quality LT at the next level, I think he’s better suited to man RT or OG and is not worth the going rate.

8. Sam Baker USC (early 3rd rounder) – He followed Winston Justice as USC’s LT, a player known most for allowing Osi to beat him 6 times for sacks on Sunday Night Football this past season.

  Justice was left on an island while playing at USC while Baker had a lot of help.

  He is definitely not LT quality and more likely to end up on the right side or at guard.


Tony Hills

Texas (mid 3rd rounder) – Classic ZBS blocker

10. Oneill Cousins UTEP (mid 3rd rounder) – See Hills, above

11. Demetrius Bell Northwestern (late rounds) – Very raw, still learning the position (didn’t take the field until 06).

  He has excellent footwork, quick off the ball, but is often out of position and needs to build more strength.

  He is prone to holding better competition, but once he learns to position himself better this problem should be less prevalent.

12. Barry Richardson Clemson (late rounds)

13. King Dunlap Auburn (late rounds) – With a name like that he has to be a good O-lineman, right?


Thaddeus Coleman Mississippi Valley St (UDFA) – Has the size, speed, and agility to be dominant but received zero coaching in school.

  A very low risk very high reward project that could pay off huge down the road.

RIP Heath Benedict, I thought he was going to be a day 2 bargain

Interior Lineman – There are some very good and intriguing interior lineman available in this draft, much better than last year’s.

  I’d be looking in the middle rounds to shore up the best of the bunch.

1. Chilo Rachal USC (2nd rounder)


Kerry Brown App St (*** – 2nd rounder) – My favorite of the bunch and largely regarded as a day 2 flier.

  I think he may be the best interior lineman in the draft.

 He looks dominant on film and on the field.

  He plays very smart on the field, as he rarely misses a block.

  Teams looking for a mobile OG that can pull should take special notice, he’ll be a force at the 2nd level in running game.

3. John Greco Toledo (3rd rounder) – Similar player to Albert but has received much less pub and lacks the elite skillset, should be solid in the NFL but won’t ever be classified as dominant.

4. Eric Young Tennessee (3rd rounder) – Versatility makes him very tempting, but seems to get lost on the field at times – needs coached up.

5. Chad Rinehart Northern Iowa (4th rounder) – Was looked at upon as a potential OT earlier in the offseason, but I don’t think he has the tools to be able to handle edge rushers at the next level.

  He’d be best off in the interior of the line.


Roy Schuening

Oregon St (4th rounder)

7. Jeremy Zuttah Rutgers (5th rounder) – Very smart player and can serve as the director of the OLine, but lacks elite skillset.

8. Kory Lichtensteinger Bowling Green (5th rounder) –

Mobile, versatile, and always in position.

  If he bulks up he’d be a perfect fit for a pulling guard, but at his current size he’ll be limited to C duties.

9. Mike Pollak

Arizona St (late rounds)



– It’s too bad the NFL seems to be phasing out this position.

  There are some quality players in this year’s class.

  I won’t value them, just know I think they’re better than their draft value will show.

1. Jacob Hester LSU – Solid lead blocker, great short yardage back, can catch out of the backfield.

2. Owen Schmitt West Va – Absolute beast of a run blocker

3. Jerome Felton Furman – The small school version of Hester.

4. Peyton Hills Arky – Great receiving threat, but not many schemes conform to his skillset anymore.

  Will need to learn to block to be effective.

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