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Oddities Around The League

Washington Redskins’ coach Mike Shanahan is clearly unhappy with Donovan McNabb. He pulled McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman last Sunday with the game on the line. McNabb was 17-of-30 for 210 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He was sacked six times and my first thought was that Shanahan sat McNabb to save him from taking a pounding.

“I felt with the time and no timeouts, [Grossman] gave us the best to win in that scenario,” Shanahan said. “Just knowing the terminology of what we’ve done, how we’ve run it, it puts a lot of pressure on a [newer] quarterback who isn’t used to that terminology.

“You have to understand that everything is sped up when you don’t have timeouts – it has to come automatic. You have to call two plays at the line … You have to understand you need to react and not think.”

Grossman can barely hold McNabb‘s jockstrap. How did he think a guy who wasn’t warm was going to play? I have a hard time thinking that this isn’t personal. You don’t bench McNabb without repercussions.

Did bringing in JaMarcus Russell for a workout make any sense?

More like this was a message that Shanahan was trying to send to McNabb. Either way, McNabb is still the starter in Washington, despite his lack of production.

Last year, the Chicago Bears had a very good prospect in wide receiver Devin Aromashodu. He had some big games and ended up coming on strong at the end. Mike Martz comes to town and all of a sudden Aromashodu is working his way up draft boards. Then reality sets in and Martz doesn’t like the way Devin Hester plays. What happened? Aromashodu gets benched. He is a healthy scratch week in and week out. 

What happens?

Fantasy owners drop Aromashodu and stay the heck away.

News as of today is that Hester is being phased out of all base packages.

This bodes well for Aromashodu. He is worth a roster spot as the Bears face a lousy Buffalo Bills’ defense. I love Johnny Knox and Aromashodu this week. I have no clue why Martz felt the need to bench the Auburn product, but rumor has it that he was asked to block and couldn’t. Let’s be realistic now, Martz won’t make him block. They will throw him the damn ball and Martz will act as if he discovered this kid.

The only thing that stinks worse than this situation is the play of Jay Cutler. The Bears look awful other than flashes of solid play by Matt Forte and the defense. This week will be a scoring fiesta against the Bills.

Jeff Fisher has purposely been vague about Kenny Britt’s injury status. I think the waiver claim on Randy Moss indicates a much worse injury. Vince Young is now a must have down the stretch mostly because of the matchups (Washington, Houston and Jacksonville) coming up.

Moss may make league history playing for three teams in the same season. I really like the fit in Tennessee. Call it pitch and catch at this point, because that’s where it’s heading.

Nate Washington owners are frothing at the mouth. Enter Moss to take the double teams away from Washington. Moss opens more running lanes for Chris Johnson. I am as happy as I have ever been knowing teams can’t stack the box against Johnson. Call Moss a selfish player. Call him a distraction even. Don’t forget that he is a game changer and he changes the way teams line up against you.

Word is that Britt could be out six weeks with that hamstring injury. Expect to see a better Titan team take the field after this week’s bye.

There is a fantasy resurgence in Oakland, and the major winners are kicker Sebastian Janikowski and running back  Darren McFadden.

Who would have thought? 

The polish party boy is averaging 9.25 points per game. Proceed with caution as this week Kansas City gives up only 5.29 points per week to kickers. McFadden is averaging 5.48 yards per carry this season and a whopping 9.38 fantasy points per contest. That being said, Kansas City is giving up an average of 10 points per week to running backs. Both are a must start this week at home.

I will be home battling this dreaded cold that has kept me down three days this week. I have been drinking Nyquil through a crazy straw and popping Alka Seltzer tablets like they are sweet tarts. This Halloween candy that our youngsters got is really medicinal.

I think more peanut butter cups are needed before I set my lineup. I am getting close to looking at the weather in NFL games. This cold tells me it’s about time to start paying attention to that as well.

Thanks for the read folks!

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