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Off the Subject…..Just Thinking XIX…

I still have a hard time getting used to Santa Claus being in the shopping malls midway thru November. Not right.

I’m guessing that when your pet tiger cub grows to be 200 pounds, that’d be a good time to think about finding a new home for it.

I wonder how much money is being wasted by companies letting me know what their “privacy policy” is, it’s nearly a daily occurence that I get one of these in the mail. Why?

Speaking of things I get in the mail, would those companies that are sending me free personalized stuff (ie. labels, coffee mugs, etc) please spell my name correctly? Thank you. And no, I won’t be able to donate at this time but thank you for the gifts.

What is it about tequila that stays with you for days after having some?

What would happen if you sent an email to someone that was out of the office and you got that generic “out of the office” reply, but right after you sent the message, you set up your email to do the same? Would the messages keep going back and forth? I wonder….

Here’s a tip: alcohol and benefit auctions don’t mix. Trust me on this one.

I understand what Post Nasal Drip is, and I don’t like it. Is there such a thing as Pre Nasal Drip?

Must be something in the Ohio water, you’ve got the Chad Johnson guarantee, and whatever is going on in Cleveland is just bizarre. Their best WR is benched, then released in a matter of 10 days. Their best RB is suspended for a week, which turns into four weeks. Then it turns into the whole season? Hmm. I’ll have some of what they are having please!

You know you are ‘middle aged’ when you can’t get the cap off a gatorade bottle and you sprain a finger in the process.

Whoever thought to put Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes with “milk” in a candy, er, I mean, breakfast bar should be nominated for something important.

My buddy Brian had a couple of thoughts that I really don’t need to add anything to: What’s the deal with the “top 25” in college, basketball and football? The number is so insignificant. For example, in football, if the BCS only has eight teams, then let’s have a top eight. Or say there are 24 bowls, let’s have a top 48. Basketball it’s the same thing, the NCAA Tournament is 64 teams (well, 65), what does top 25 have anything to do with anything?

And this, after being at a recent Patriots game: You know, we have this brand new stadium that is HUGE. Yet when you look at the goalposts, they’re tiny. Hasn’t technology come along far enough that we can extend the goal posts a little higher? Every week you see the two referees standing under each side, looking up, watching a kick, then they sort of look at each other, shrug, then make a signal. Make them taller so there’s no question! (I swear this was told to me two weeks before this past weekend’s Pats/Dolphins game).

To the last thought I’ll add that I wonder if a kick going directly over the goal post is a reviewable situation….apparently not.

Can we put an end to talk like “if the season were to end today… and so would be playing so and so….” The season doesn’t end today, and it is not going to all of a sudden be cut short. Stop it.

Many props to those who braved the elements this past weekend at Foxboro stadium on Sunday and the Ryan Center on Saturday. Both crowds were rewarded with wins by the home team.

Speaking of coming to an end, RIP BCS. Finally, the system is exposed for the fraud that it has always been. Do my Wolverines get the National Title when they beat up Southern Cal in the Rose Bowl? Hmmm.

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