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Oh my Aching (Running) Back

Fantasy football. Don’tcha just love it? This is when it all starts happening. Baseball is nearing the end of another interminably long season, and the World Series is gratefully just around the corner. Basketball and hockey…er, make that basketball starts soon. Halloween will soon bring small children to our doors demanding candy, and visions of turkeys (have YOU ever seen a sugar plum?) and a fall holiday season full of football waiting to be devoured. It’s a plethora of sports on a televised buffet that can stuff even the biggest glutton.

You drafted your team, set your lineup, made sure to start your studs (That’s the Shark Tank first commandment) and sat back in your favorite chair with your favorite beer and snack material. Fresh batteries in the remote ensured a trouble free clicking experience as you settled back with the NFL Ticket guide and your fantasy league score sheets.

Then things start going horribly wrong.

Your team was looking tough. Deuce McAllister and Edgerrin James, Anquan Boldin and Steve Smith, Kellen Winslow and the Philadelphia defense. You have Stephen Davis on your bench along with Charles Rogers, and you are looking tight in your twelve team redraft league.

When the smoke clears, you find yourself two weeks into the season and calling up Reche Caldwell, Ricky Proehl and Aaron Stecker while looking for a fresh box of band-Aids to patch together a team destroyed by injuries.

Ain’t football something?

This is when the real game begins. Deuce and Edgerrin will likely be back, but in the mean time you’ve got holes to fill. Quick as a flash you’re all over the waiver wire, scraping the last remnants of free agents from the bottom of the pile and praying for a few breaks. You breath a sigh of relief that some fool dropped DeShawn Foster and Eric Johnson. Caldwell goes into a rotation along with Bobby Engram and Panther rookie WR Colbert. Then you take your high blood pressure medicine, down some Pepto Bismol and tear through the cupboards for that Daquiri mix you had left over from the New Years Eve party.

Most of us don’t have luck quite that bad, but a good friend of mine did draft Boldin, McAllister and Davis. He drafted in July. Reason enough, as if you needed any, to insist on a draft date much closer to the start of the regular season.

If you aren’t a waiver wire junkie you may be tempted to punt. We’ve all seen it…the owner who gives up and tries to flush the remnants of his team back into the free agent sewer. The only thing worse than watching it happen is being the second person to notice he flushed Thomas Jones, who was promptly pounced on by the guy who saw him first.

Not you. You are a competitor. That’s why you come to FantasySharks.com. Like the Eagles, who started last year 0-2 only to come ripping back and go all the way to the NFC championship. You are a true warrior. Never give up, never surrender.

Thank God you drafted Trent Green as your Quarterback.

Week 2 Studs and Duds


QB – Chad Pennington, David Carr, Aaron Brooks

Honorable Mention – Ben Roethlisberger, Jake Delhomme. Vinny Testaverde would have made it if not for the three picks he tossed that let Cleveland hang in tough.

RB – Curtis Martin, DeShaun Foster, Chris Brown, Thomas Jones, Kevan Barlow, Edgerrin James

Honorable Mention – Corey Dillon with 158 yards, no TD’s

WR – Hines Ward, Javon Walker, Torry Hole, Roy Williams

Honorable Mention – Reggie Wayne, David Givens, Curtis Conway

TE – Randy McMichael, Jason Witten, Daniel Graham

Honorable Mention – Eric Johnson

Duds –

QB – Jeff Garcia (71 passing yards, 3 INT’s) Patrick Ramsey (142 passing yards, 1 TD, 3 INT’s)

Dishonorable Mention – Vinny Testaverde

RB – Deuce McAllister, Lamar Gordon, Quentin Griffin

Dishonorable Mention – Travis Henry…so far the dud of the year at RB

WR – Peerless Price, Eddie Kennison, Plaxico Burress, (This looks like the annual convention for underwhelming WR’s)

Dishonorable Mention – Jerry Rice, for breaking a 20 year string of games with at least one reception.

TE – Bubba Franks, Kellen Winslow Jr., Todd Heap

Dishnorable Mention – Anthony Becht – I know I recognize that name from somewhere, I just can’t quite remember…


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