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OilersNut Interview

Congrats OilersNut on becoming a Whale Shark (1000 messages) on the Message Boards!! Also, congrats on becoming a Great White (1500 messages)

Thanks CBSux, I am still kind of surprised how much I enjoy Fantasy Sharks.

So tell us a bit about yourself. Outside of fantasy sports, what other things do you like doing?

Love to walk (which I tend to do via Volksmarches) and I escape the computer by playing softball (very badly) and bowling. (average)

So going into your second year of fantasy football, what are some things that you have learned from your rookie season?

I have learned so much – how critical RB’s are, how interchangable most defenses and tight ends are, and most of all I’ve learned how much fun fantasy sports is. Still trying to absorb VBD.

Rumor has it that you are addicted to mock drafts! Do you think they will help you this year?

I believe so. During the start of fantasy baseball I realized I applied lessons learned in my subsequent drafts. First draft I ended up with a bottom of the pack team, second draft middle of the pack, third draft looks to be a playoff team.

How many leagues were you involved in last year, and how many are you planning to do this year? I keep hearing about this non-guber/non-uber league, it sounds like it has some very qualified sharks.

Only did 1 football league, but I’m currently in 3 baseball leagues and will be in at least 4 football leagues this year.

Team Name(s)

Killer B’s Gushers (football)
San Diego Astros (baseball)
SD Killer B’s (baseball)
Mixed Nuts (Not Uber/Guber)

What was your best and worst pick last year?

Worst – Donald Driver
Best – Trent Green (late in draft)

How is your Baseball fantasy team doing? Are you beating JBG?

In WBL – seventh place approximately 700 pts behind (JBG is 2nd 10 pts behind)
In FS2 – fifth place 5.5 games behind first
In CBS Sportsline League – tied for division lead (2nd best record overall -most points)

Cool. So lets move on to some NFL questions. Who is your favorite current NFL team?

The old Houston Oilers (Tennessee Titans)

Have you fully recovered from the Oilers leaving town?

I was cheering the Oilers from California when the whole nastiness about the move was happening, so I never developed the hatred of Bud Adams that most Houstonians have.

We all know who your favorite baseball team is, but what’s the deal with the love for Houston teams?

Lived in Houston for 8 years and split between Orange County and Houston another 4 years (college) and that was when I decided I loved baseball and football (NFL)

Do you have a favorite NFL Player?

All time – Earl Campbell
Current – McNair, Tomlinson

Now for some questions about So, when/how did you first find this site? (You didn’t get the big boot from another site now did you?)

A friend told me about the projections at Fantasy Sharks. Used only that for a few weeks and then started looking around. Eventually asked a question on the forums and now I can’t stop.

And now how often do you logon to

Now that work is cracking down on internet “abuse” (Don’t get me started), I log on in the morning before work and most evenings and fairly constantly on weekends at home.

Do you have a favorite FantasySharks feature or article?

I like all of it and I absolutely love the forums

Now that the season is sneaking up on us, are there any posters on the message boards that you respect the most?

That is what is so great about this site, just about all of the posters have interesting opinions and usually explain their reasoning (there are exceptions – but I’m not naming any). I have so many favorites – Cleff and his sarcastic wit, Paddler’s unique sense of humor, the great debates between Action and Agenda, the teasing between Stormtrooper and Trilogy, HND unique view of life, the pretty ones (bomb, cinn, and soonergal) and of course the great hottie debate started by you and built upon by TT. Also enjoy Matt, Sock, Tazz, JBG, Brody, Hard 10, Longhorns, nutty, hemol. Of course when Mr. Holm offers an opinion, I pay very close attention.

Thanks again for being such an active poster on the message boards! And congratulations and good luck to you in all your leagues this year except for one!!!

I enjoy Fantasy Sharks very much and I plan on finishing ahead of the Coachbox Busters

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