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On Second Thought…Week 12

As I look at the most added and most dropped list I can’t help but notice some names that to me just scream, “this owner is in panic mode!”

There are obviously exceptions to every situation. For example, I am sure that some pickups and drops that were from deep leagues where the waiver wire is picked over thoroughly. Consider, however, that in order for these players to be on the most added or dropped list there are definitely owners in standard leagues making these moves, and if that is the case, you may want to think twice before you do that.

One name that is among the top of the added player list is
Donald Brown

. Brown had an amazing night on Thursday with 94 total yards and two touchdowns. Brown has had two good weeks in a row. So it makes sense that you would want to grab him.

Now as far as Brown is concerned, I do not have a problem with an owner grabbing him, I will however caution you against expecting that sort of output on a normal basis. Remember, Brown has only made it through one full season uninjured in his entire career.

Couple that with the fact that the Colts gave up too high of a pick and paid far too much for
Trent Richardson

to leave him on the sidelines. As much as that just “chaps” some of us fantasy owners who have players like Brown, it “chaps” real owners even more when they pay someone big money and the coach doesn’t even play them.

Brown’s touches will unfortunately be too limited to make his production reliable heading into the playoffs. He could end up being a very valuable stash though, if you have the roster space.

Another highly picked up running back has been Dennis Johnson. This has not been for any great numbers he has given us, as opposed, to splashes of brilliance we have seen and
Ben Tate

having four broken ribs. At this point, the only chance of anyone grabbing Johnson has is a Tate injury.

Consider the pain of a broken rib, I’ve had them and trust me it is ridiculous, and then realize Tate has four of them and he is still playing. Then you need to consider that Tate was supposed to be the next great back in Houston years ago, but after getting injured found his career usurped by
Arian Foster
is probably going to need to be taken off the field on a stretcher before he will give up the reins to Johnson or anyone behind him on the depth chart.

It is the only explanation for a man playing with four broken ribs and by the way, his ribs are only getting healthier every week. So I believe there are better options on the waiver wire than Johnson for your roster.

Perhaps the biggest pickup last week, and still being highly picked up this week, is the Buccaneers
Brian Leonard

. It’s not that he isn’t a solid pickup, but as I stated last week, “
Leonard got, (was getting), the most carries but going forward I believe Rainey is the RB to pick up off the waiver wire if you need the help at RB.”

Rainey proved me right this last week by putting up an astounding 167 total yards on 30 carries and two receptions with three touchdowns. Now just as astounding is the fact that as of this moment Leonard has still been picked up more than Rainey. That will all change come waiver wire Wednesday but do not hesitate on Rainey if he is still available in your league.

As far as Leonard goes, he will still get a good amount of snaps and possible touches, and if you are in a PPR league he does catch the ball well out of the backfield, but he is not the preferred back in this tandem.

Owners have been beating the WR waiver wire down for Rishard Matthews after his 120-yard two TD performance two weeks ago, and his respectable four catch 54-yard outing this week. With any of these picks, if you are in a deep league or a dynasty and you are stashing for the future, then I understand, but thinking Matthews will help your team this season is not the wisest choice.

Brian Hartline

is still available in more than 60% of most leagues and he averages 8.4 targets per game to Matthews’ 2.5 targets per game.

So, Matthews may be a better receiver in the future, but this year going forward and for the playoffs, there are better WRs on his own team, yet alone the rest of the league, that you could pickup.

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