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On Second Thought…Week 16

I thought I had it bad this week. I was in the semi-finals and posted the 2nd highest score of the week in my league only to be facing the guy with Jamaal Charles. Bad luck, right?

I thought so too, until I was watching the Monday night game and realized that with the game in control and 21 seconds left the Ravens handed off to Ray Rice and he broke through the line and then broke through the secondary only to purposely throw himself on the ground so time would run out.

Somewhere out there in fantasy land was an owner in the semi-finals who has Ray Rice who was trailing by less than 6 points as they watched Rice break through everybody with about 40 yards to go. If he just runs it out it equals about eight points in standard leagues and 10 points in six-point touchdown leagues. Then right before the whole world’s eyes, he stops, drops and rolls. A collective scream was heard throughout the fantasy world.

With that, Ray Rice dug the dagger into his owners’ hearts once again this season. My heart went out to those people. At least Jamaal Charles had the decency to finish me off before the late game on Sunday. I hope the televisions of the owners who suffered the last second lay down are still in one piece. My guess is that not all the TV sets survived Monday night.

Somehow you did survive though, or at least you are still playing for bragging rights or better position in next year’s draft. Whatever the case is, you need to steer clear of some of this week’s waiver wire one hit wonders. Remember, all that glitters is not gold. Except the championship trophy that Jamaal Charles ripped from me, that baby is made of 24-carat solid gold, darn it.

This week produced a couple of great games from back up QBs that are most likely still available in your leagues. Some however should not be trusted in the championship week. You will want to look somewhere else if you have them.

Matt Cassel has been great the last two weeks and will start for the Vikings in Week 16 but he plays Cincinnati in Cincinnati where they are extremely tough and in desperate need of a win to keep their hopes at winning the AFC North alive.
It is just about as bad a matchup as you can ask for and you are asking for production from a QB who has only seen half a dozen starts this season.

Matt Flynn was one yard shy of 300 last week with four touchdowns. If you have him and you started him you have got to be thinking that he can take you to the promised land.
He can’t and he won’t. First of all, it is not a sure thing that he is starting because Aaron Rodgers might be available and if Rodgers can play, Flynn will be in a hat holding a clipboard quicker than you can say “discount double check.”

If Rodgers remains sidelined and Flynn gets the start he has got to play a Pittsburgh Steelers team which is still mathematically alive and playing the best that they have played all year. Either way, Week 16 does not bode well for Matt Flynn.

Here it is, Week 16 and there are still running backs coming out of the woodwork. Just like they managed to tread lightly through opposing defenses this last week you need to tread lightly if you are thinking about going to these guys in the championship week.

Matt Asiata, oh where or where do I start?
Asiata rushed 30 times for 51 yards with three touchdowns in Sunday’s 48-30 Week 15 win over the Eagles.
So to start out, he did not even rush for 2.0 yards per carry. S
econd, Adrian Peterson is ready to go and barring a setback should play against the Bengals on Sunday.
Third, even though Asiata punched in 3 TDs they were from 1-yard out, 1-yard out and five yards out. He showed very little burst or lateral movement.
Fourth, if he does get the start as mentioned earlier, it would be against the Bengals in Cincinnati, hardly easy sledding.

I don’t mean to take away from this guy’s career highlight game, but if you start him next week it would only be as a complete desperation TD play. Hopefully, you have other options.

Jordan Todman looked great rushing for 109 yards on 25 carries in Jacksonville’s Week 15, 27-20 loss to the Bills.
He got the start in place of an injured Maurice Jones-Drew (hamstring) and added four catches for 44 yards on a team-high eight targets and also handled the ball 29 times.

The Jaguars obviously like his speed as they gave him lots of opportunities to get around the edges. I like this guy and he definitely has some talent but MJD will look to get back in the mix next week and even if he can’t go, Tennessee will have a week to plan for him and this will be only his second start.
It is too risky of a play for championship week. Do not be afraid to stash him however as he has tremendous upside.

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