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On Second Thought…Week 3

In the past 11 years only 8.8% of teams that started 0-2 in the NFL recovered and made the playoffs. In fantasy football those numbers are even lower due to the fact that the seasons are shorter.

No matter what your record is, right now is a perfect time to take a step back and re-evaluate your team. Though it’s still early you can start to get a much clearer picture after two games and yet you still have time to make the necessary adjustments to change the outcome of your season.

With that in mind, after a slew of weather delays and even more close games, (eight games decided by four or less points this weekend alone) here is a look at the fantasy landscape heading into week three.

Ice cold players!!
  Get your ice cold player here!!

After week two you should be able to find owners in most of your leagues who are panicking over the underachieving play of some of their stars. Take this opportunity to swing a trade with them while they are down on their players such as:

Tom Brady

 – He is
Tom Brady

, I should not have to say anymore but I will, let me start by reminding all of you that
Rob Gronkowski
and Danny Amedola could both be back next week. Realistically, they probably will not be but the point is that the time is near when we are going to start seeing the Tom Terrific we all know and love. Extra bonus points because that division really stinks so he will have lots of opportunities to run up the score.

Stevan Ridley – Speaking of Giselle’s husband, who do you think will also benefit from those three getting back together and tearing up the AFC Easy, I mean, East? That’s right, Stevan Ridley. Let’s not forget that this is the guy that put up 1,263 yards and 12 touchdowns just last year. He didn’t forget how to run overnight, he just needs the open lanes that Gronk and Amedola can help create for him by drawing the extra coverage that they will.

Roddy White

 – He has a high ankle sprain. Now in the short term this is terrible and will keep him from playing well or at all. This is why his owners might be willing to trade, but remember, it’s just an ankle sprain, any of you that have had one knows that he will get over it sooner than later, and he IS
Roddy White

, a perennial top-10 wide receiver over the last half decade.

If you are looking to trade you can obviously use anyone you have of value that you feel you can part with but if you happened to have drafted or picked up any of these players you should consider trading them away while they are hot:

Philip Rivers
 The odds are you did not draft him or pick him up to be your starter. I have him in two leagues and in both those leagues I have

Drew Brees
Matthew Stafford

 as my starters. Rivers is perfect trade bait in this situation. Look for owners that are thin in the QB position. Do not try to ride this out hoping to get
Philip Rivers
stats circa 2010. Between
Antonio Gates
and Ryan Mathews, the odds are that injuries will happen to this offensive unit. Couple that with Rivers’ propensity to turn the ball over and you have a perfect player on your roster to trade right now while he’s hot.

While we are talking about San Diego Chargers,
Eddie Royal

 should be thrown in this conversation as well. It’s all about the injuries and when there is no Mathews and no Gates and the opposing defenses do not have to cheat towards those two anymore how is he going to free himself up. He’s not. He is such a fun flashy guy right now but that is why you use him against a scared owner to set yourself up with a better player.

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