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Opening Weekend Thoughts

*I realize the sky is falling right now in Boston, but you have the perfect cure after being swept in your first series – Cleveland.   Not only that, but Josh Beckett is pitching against a rookie in game one.   1-3 is a slam dunk and as long as Dice-K doesn’t implode Wednesday you’ll be .500 by the time New York comes to town this weekend.

*This is a young man’s game, lots of vets getting lit up early.   Carl Pavano, John Lackey, Brad Penny, Jake Westbrook, and especially Fausto Carmona.  I hope you all have short memories.

*There is going to be a lot of talk about the Orioles turning the corner, but the real story I took from their series this weekend is how awful the Rays offense is going to be.   Longoria missing all of April is a crippling loss, they need Sean Rodriguez, Matt Joyce, or Reid Brignac to step up in the worst way but they have one giant hurdle to cross first – their matchup loving manager has to give them more at bats and that’s not going to happen.

*I’m usually one who takes too long to realize I’m wrong, but Kila Ka’aihue sold me this weekend.    He isn’t going to be a .300+ hitter, but he’s going to be a staple in the middle of that lineup for a long time…or at least, he should be.   Dayton Moore is going to have a difficult decision to make once Eric Hosmer is ready with three everyday 1B/DH’s in The Show.

*I’m also one to take big performances in the early season by hot young prospects lighter than most, that is not the case with Kyle Drabek.   Those who caught Saturday’s game were treated to a show.

*The Detroit Tigers defense is abysmal and is going to cause problems all season long, take advantage when offensive streaming opportunities present themselves.   Baltimore and Kansas City are your beneficiaries this week.

*I am thrilled I took a quantity over quality approach regarding closers, a whole lot of ugly going on at the end of games throughout the majors.

*The Angels may have the biggest mess of all, keep a close eye on Scott Downs as the next few weeks go by, he could be the closer by default by late May.   The only reliever that looked sharp this weekend was the flame throwing rookie, Walden.

*Looking for a middle reliever to help with ratios?   Go get Aaron Crow now, the Royals are probably screwing him up for the long term but that’s of no matter to your fantasy team now.

*Joe Buck cares more about Cameron Diaz feeding A-Rod popcorn during the Super Bowl than he does about commentating on the game.   Hey Fox, it’s time for the Joe Morgan treatment!

*Those who invested in White Sox bats are going to be happy, a lot of bad defense and bad pitching in the AL Central this year.

*The NL West is going to be the most competitive division, top-to-bottom, in the majors this year.   No great teams, but all of them are good enough to win 90 games if the cards fall right for them.

*Justin Masterson just cannot figure out how to pitch to southpaws, solid selective streaming candidate though…for both Masterson and lefties going against him in daily leagues.

*Joba Chamberlain would like to serve up some crow to everyone who called him fat in February, yea he got hit a bit on Sunday but that’s not fat on his midsection; that’s muscle.   Expect a bounce back year and not many Yankee leads to be squandered after the sixth inning.

*Joe Nathan has certainly lost his stuff, but his location (don’t let the strike:ball ratio fool you) may keep him an effective late inning option.

*I don’t care what the statistics say, the Giants’ defense is old, slow, and lousy.  Way too many bad mistakes in this series.

*Highlight of the weekend: Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN is watchable again!   This crew is fantastic, although I should temper some of my enthusiasm because the basis of comparison is…umm…well….I no longer have to mute my television, lets leave it at that.

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