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Our 1st International Whale Shark!!

Congrats Paddler on becoming our 5th Whale Shark (1000 messages) on the Msg Boards!! You seem to be new to this year. Is that true?
Yes, I joined July 12 so I’m one of the new breed. New and improved breed.

So, are you really from Sweden like your profile says? Is that what area code 031 means?
Sure thing. 031 is the area code for Gothenburg, Sweden.

Wow! Very cool… is world renown then! So, if you’re from do you watch the NFL?
There is a British network that air 2 selected games a week. I catch them at a local sports bar with a bunch of friends. The Monday Night game is aired live on a Swedish cable network, so that one I get at home. Luckily since the bar isn’t open that late.

And what time do the games come on?
The early games start at 7 p.m, afternoon games at 10 p.m and night games at 3 a.m. You have to be truly dedicated to watch MNF live because it basically means you miss out on one nights sleep. I usually watch the game, check the comments on the board and then head of to work.

That’s dedication. Well…let’s stay with some NFL questions. Which NFL team do you follow is there a home-team for the entire country?
Yes and No. We do have a national team actually. Guess that would be our “home” team. But it’s not that all Swedes route for one and the same NFL-team. You have your favorites, for whatever reason, just as any fan. 49ers are very popular since they were big when football took off here (Montana, Rice, Lott). Some are Detroit fans (Barry), Green Bay (Sterling Sharpe, White, Favre). The young kids like Tampa (Sapp + cool logo). And the latest S.B winner is always popular because they rule in the Madden game. There are all kinds. In my FF-league there’s even a Seahawk fan but he’s got to be the only one I think.

My team is Da Bears. First NFL game I watched live was Superbowl XX, and then in 1988, Minnesota and Chicago played a preseason game here. At Ullevi, our stadium. I hung out one evening with Dan Hampton of the Bears and the local team I played in, Gothenburg Giants, helped out at the game. So now I am a Bear for life. Even went to see a game at Soldier field.

Talk about Frequent Flyer miles! So, was Walter Payton your favorite NFL Player?
Sweetness will never die. Another player I liked from the 85′ Bears was Wilbur Marshall. Barry Sanders of course. He and I share the exact same birthdate, so I always felt he took all the talent they handed out from the football pool that day. He owes me… Today I like Urlacher of course. And I have a soft spot for Fred Taylor.

So, who in your opinion is the favored to win the SuperBowl?
It’s a wide open affair. But history shows that to win you must be fairly balanced, or have a truly standout D or O to carry you. Since it was a super-D that won it last time, maybe we will see a team with a high octane offense this year? Final six will be K.C, Indy, Denver and Tennessee from the AFC. NFC will have Vikes, Tampa, StL and Carolina. I say Vikings and Tennesse in the S.B. Tennessee wins it all.

I hope that K.C wins though.

Why don’t we move on to some questions about So, how did you come to find us all the way over there?
I usually start planning my fantasy season in mid-July. Go through old bookmarks, read up on teams and players etc.. I found your link at When I realized you were filling up the sharkleagues I joined and luckily I was one of the few who got in.

How about your favorite FantasySharks feature or article, or writer?
The Sharktank obviously. I read most of it. Prognosticator, Observation deck, Week in Review, Projections, Fantasy Virgin. And I do like the Whale Shark interviews.

Aww shucks, thanks. And I’m glad you like the Fantasy Virgin article…Tim will be happy. Ok, let’s move on to Fantasy Football questions. So, how long have you been participating in Fantasy Football?
This season it will be 7 years. Since 4 years back I am the commissioner of the Grutleague. The most intense FF-league experience in Sweden. And probably Europe. It’s a dynasty league with individual D players, O-line, head coach etc. We even have Punters hahaha…

And how many leagues are you involved in?
Three; Grutleague, your own Tigershark league and a public Yahoo-league. Next year I look forward to participate in the Überleague. A new hardcore FF-league founded by 12 of the most fanatic Shark Tank members. That one will be something else as well.

What are your Team Name(s). Any meaning behind them?
Shitcreek Paddlers in the dynasty league. We had a formula were every team in the league must have a geographic home that only exist in literature, films, comics and such. The nick must be correlated to that place. My team name is from the expression “Up shitcreek without a paddle”. I was up that creek after my first draft so it felt natural.

In Yahoo the name is Lalaland Fatladys. A runner-up name from the dynasty league that came to use here.

In the sharkleague I had to use my log-in so that’s plain Paddler. The Ubername is yet to be announced.

So what do you think your best and worst pick of the year was?
Worst pick in the dynastyleague, it’s too early to say. In Sharkleagues it got to be Staley in the third round.

Best pick in the dynasty was to trade William Green and one of my 2nd round picks for Marvin Harrison. The guy was in RB need. In the Tigershark league I like Hines Ward in the 4th round.

Ok. Why don’t we finish up with the message boards. Boy the msg boards have picked up steam big-time lately!
Yepp. I honestly think that the T-shirt give-away started it all. Some guys went after it with insane posting speed. After that it’s been so much fun, the ball just kept rolling.

Cool. So, which posters do you think provide the best advise out there?
I like to think that the different views put together is what makes the site great. You get a couple of opinions and make up your mind by putting them together with your own thoughts. When it comes to individual posters all the guys in the Uberleague are my favorites. Maybe Agenda42, gdack and Hemol are the ones who made me change my mind more times then others. Outside the Uber we have Briwol, gballs1, Steeldan, bomb, Stormtrooper, Longhorns… there’s a lot of good posters in there.

Great. Last question. Still going to be with us to the bitter end?
I hope so. If you keep it free or at least not super expensive I will stick here for sure. I didn’t know there was a bitter end though? Is it mine or yours… hahaha

Thanks again for being such an active poster on the message boards! And congratulations!!
Thank you guys. It’s a great site and I’m glad to be a part of it. And thanks to all the other posters. You guys rock! 

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