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Our 1st Message Board Whale Shark!

Congrats MatheuOfVa on becoming our 1st Whale Shark (1000 messages) on the Msg Boards!!  You really went at it fast and hard right from the beginning. 

Thanks guys.  I think this whole site is awesome.  It all really went by so quick for me.  I didn’t realize I was going do so much so fast, but you guys make it easy.  The message board is awesome; I haven’t ever found one like it.  I love the fact that you give people the chance to come together with their Fantasy Football questions and opinions.  I like to give people my insight more then ask for help, but you know in this game sometimes you just get stumped with who should start!


So tell us a bit about yourself.  Where are you from?  How old are you..etc..etc..  What’s a typical day for you like?

I grew up in Northern Virginia (Springfield/Alexandria) just south of Washington DC.  I’m 18 years old (I know, young) and I live in Atlanta, GA, I moved here last year.  I’m in college down here and lovin’ it.  I do the college thing during the day.  Signin’ online, talkin’ to my high school buds, checkin’ out and my teams throughout the day when I have free time.  Eatin’ crappy food, stayin’ up too late for my own good, enjoying the time I have left to not quite be an adult.


Great.  So, how long have you been participating in Fantasy Football?

For the past four years.  All throughout high school I really learned allot about the game.  A friend of mine started up a league.  We’ve done it every year since.  We have a 10 player league with all my close buddies from high school in VA.  It’s a good way to stay in touch…and win 100 bucks, that’s good too.


And how many leagues are you involved in?

I’m only involved in 2.  One is the money league with my buddies, and I always join a public league every year for free, just to see what I can do.  It’s a good challenge to spice things up.  Last year I crushed the public league, but lost out horrendously in my money league.  So they almost balanced each other out…except for that loss of 20 bucks…


Team Name(s)

In the league that matters most…The Coydawgs (half coyote/half dog…reference to Young Guns 2 if any of you have seen it).  In the other league I’m the Hotlanta HoodDawgs.


So what do you think your best and worst pick of the year was?

We get together and do a live draft at my friend’s house before we have to leave for school.  We do a ladder draft…1,2,3-9,10,10,9-3,2,1…I had the 9th pick this year.  I’d have to say Kurt Warner with my 3rd round pick was the stupidest choice I made this year.  The pick I’m most happy with so far this year has got to be Chris Chambers with my 9th round pick.


Cool.  So lets move on to some NFL questions.  How about who’s your NFL team?

Living in Atlanta the Falcons can be fun to watch (with Vick), but growin’ up in Northern VA I’m a Washington Redskins fan for life!


And your favorite NFL Player?

Oh that’s a tough one.  Who doesn’t like Montana, or Rice?  I’ll only give you a couple.  Favorite Current Player: Stephen Davis (hated to see it didn’t work out in Washington).  Favorite Freshly Retired Player: Darrell Green (He was just awesome!)


Any one particular player surprise you this year?

You mean besides that Boldin kid in Arizona?  Seriously though, that guy I had heard of in the draft, but I didn’t think he’d make this kind of impact this fast…(hmmm, kinda like me on the board…j/k).


How about some questions about   So, about when did you first find us and how?

I found you guys while working a summer job with my friend who started our league this past August.  We had 4 Fantasy Football Magazines that we’d waste time reading when we were supposed to be filing paperwork at a local government center.  One of those mags was Fantasy Football Index.  You guys were one of I think 12 different sources in a mock draft.  We tried out every site listed to see what you all were like.  We liked your site the best.  After studying up for our draft I continued to visit the site, and then I found the Message Board and the rest is history.


And now how often do you logon to 

Several times a day.  Yeah, I know, it’s allot, but I’ve got the time.  I post about 5 or 10 posts at a time, just check out what’s goin’ on in there and move on to check my teams and other internet things.


How about your favorite FantasySharks feature or article?

I like The Prognosticator every week.  I think it’s great.   I can’t say I’ve known about it from the beginning like some others but I’m glad I’ve found it now.


Since you’re such avid fan.  Is there any other poster on the message boards that you respect the most?

I try and respect everyone, don’t get me wrong.  I haven’t been around all that long (about a month now) but there are some personalities I’d like to point out.  Paddler is a cool guy; I enjoy what he has to say.  Hard10 is pretty funny sometimes, I don’t always agree with him, but he’s not afraid to let you know what he thinks.  PrimeMover is quite a character, I noticed him immediately when he joined!! haha.   FloridaStag I think is somethin’ special, loved seein’ what he did with his team.  I can’t name off everyone, so don’t anyone feel left out (Dynasty, Briwoll, Hemol, Bomb, etc…).  And I’m always happy to hear from any of the administrators in my own threads.


Anything else you like to say to all your fans out there?

Fans?  HAHAHAHA, I doubt I have too many fans per say, but everyone here at has helped make this the best FF site I’ve ever been too.  Everybody is awesome, and I enjoy talkin’ with you guys, sharin’ opinions, and gettin’ help here.


Great.  Last question.  So, what will you do when you become a Great White Shark (1500 posts)?

I’d like to say I’m goin’ do Disney World!!!  But I’ll probably just shout out, ‘woohoo!’ and then continue to post regularly throughout the year. 


Thanks again for being such an active poster on the message boards!  And congratulations!!

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