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Outkicking the Coverage/Power Rankings – Week 6

Gordon Getting Ready

Josh Gordon burst onto the scene back in 2013 and just as quickly fell out of the league the following year. A video surfaced earlier yesterday that depicts suspended Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon working out as he prepares for his anticipated return next season. While the other “next big thing then bust” receiver Justin Blackmon has virtually disappeared, Gordon is taking an opposite approach as he attempts to showcase his dedication and commitment to his dream of playing in the NFL once again. Gordon previously worked out with Randy Moss in the offseason as well. Still only 24 years old, he has a long way to go before he can petition the league for reinstatement but he will have no shortage of people rooting for him as he continues to stay out of trouble and stay in shape.

It’s Re-Live DeflateGate Week, unfortunately

Guys, I sure hope you didn’t think we were done talking about DeflateGate because we have an entire week to relive our national nightmare as the New England Patriots head to Indianapolis for Sunday Night Football this week. Tom Brady makes his return to prime time for the first time since last month and I know you’ve missed him. Unfortunately for Indianapolis players who played no role in this debacle, they will be on the receiving end of what is likely to be a full-fledged aerial attack from Brady and company. The forecast for Indianapolis on Sunday is calling for a few thunderstorms in the form of some Rob Gronkowski monster celebratory spikes. The Patriots will be in full revenge mode and the Indianapolis Colts have no one else to thank than commissioner Roger Goodell. On the bright side for Indianapolis, it is looking like Andrew Luck will return for that game, sending Matt Hasselbeck back to his warm comfortable bench and baseball cap while he sips on his warm tea wrapped in an afghan. Just where he wants to be. With Luck returning, the Colts will at least have a chance to put up a fight, as fruitless as it might be.

The Cooler

When your team signs Josh Johnson, your team is in trouble at quarterback. After the New York Jets lost Geno Smith to ‘the punch heard around training camp,’ Josh Johnson was called in as a potential backup option while the Jets got Ryan Fitzpatrick healthy and Bryce Petty up to speed. After leaving New York, Josh Johnson found himself in Indianapolis where he was signed in the wake of Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury. Now that Luck appears to have returned to health, Josh Johnson once again has found himself out of a job as he waits for the next quarterback to get hurt. Fortunately for him these days, that doesn’t take long as the Buffalo Bills called Johnson this week and invited him to Buffalo as he is set to help out in case Tyrod Taylor is unable to go this week with a sprained MCL. Josh Johnson is “The Cooler.” Wherever he goes, it’s to a team that has suffered some horrible luck with their starting quarterback. Once he leaves town, everything goes back to normal and your quarterback is healthy again.

Between a Rock and a Hardy Place

The less said about Greg Hardy’s past alleged transgressions, suspensions and court cases the better. We all know Greg Hardy came to Dallas with his fair share of baggage. If the Dallas Cowboys have proven anything over the years is that they provide once wayward souls with a clean slate. What those players do with that clean slate is completely up to them. In the case of Greg Hardy, his approach to the first week of his clean slate was less than ideal. Hardy’s return was going to be a big story regardless but it became even more so with the absence of the true stars in Dallas: Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. The spotlight found its way to Hardy, who wasted no time at poking fun at his past, equating his return to the football field as “guns a blazing,” then making inappropriate but in his defense accurate comments on how attractive Tom Brady’s wife and her friends are. As if that wasn’t enough, he co-starred in an ill-advised rap video that just so happened to be released this week. If anyone can handle the bombastic nature of Hardy’s return, it’s the Dallas Cowboys. But … it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Hardy to tone it down off the field.

Think Pink

Pittsburgh RB DeAngelo Williams.

While the NFL as a whole has embraced breast cancer awareness month, there is one player in particular who feels more compelled to continue bringing awareness to the fight for cancer. Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams has lost five relatives to breast cancer (four aunts, and his mother this past year). Williams admirably has asked the NFL to allow him to continue to wear pink uniform equipment for the rest of the season and the NFL has predictably denied Williams this request. As horrible as it sounds, it’s no surprise that the NFL will enact its zero tolerance policy and not bend the rules here. DeAngelo Williams, however, is not deterred. He won’t thumb his nose at the NFL and suffer weekly fines for not adhering to the NFL’s strict uniform policy. Instead Williams will opt to continue to wear the pink accents in his long locks that flow out from underneath his helmet. The NFL has no regulation on what color your hair should be, yet, but until they do, Williams will proudly display awareness for breast cancer throughout the season and not just for the month of October the NFL allows.


  1. New England Patriots (4-0), last week 1: They toyed with Dallas before a demolition in the second half.
  2. Green Bay Packers (5-0), last week 2: Aaron Rodgers’ home streak with no interceptions ends but not the win streak.
  3. Cincinnati Bengals (5-0), last week 4: The old Bengals would have folded up shop and took the loss.
  4. Denver Broncos (5-0), last week 3: Same story, different week – no run game, Peyton Manning isn’t the same, defense wins the game.
  5. Arizona Cardinals (4-1), last week 5: After a hiccup the week before, the Cardinals got back on track.
  6. Atlanta Falcons (5-0), last week 6: It’s getting easier to believe in this team week after week.
  7. Seattle Seahawks (2-3), last week 7: The old Seahawks would have taken that game and headed home with a victory.
  8. Buffalo Bills (3-2), last week 8: The Bills won ugly but with Tyrod Taylor possibly out this week, they’ll have to win even uglier.
  9. Carolina Panthers (4-0), last week 9: The undefeated Panthers get a real test this week in Seattle.
  10. New York Jets (3-1), last week 10: The Jets can’t get caught in Washington looking ahead to New England in Week 7.
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2), last week 11: Somehow, someway, Michael Vick is keeping this team alive.
  12. Indianapolis Colts (3-2), last week 12: After beating two lowly division foes, Andrew Luck returns just in time for New England.
  13. Minnesota Vikings (2-2), last week 13: The Vikings were off and not much changed in the Top 13 of the power rankings.
  14. New York Giants (3-2), last week 22: I still don’t know if this team is real or not but they’re winning games and that’s what it’s all about.
  15. Philadelphia Eagles (2-3), last week 23: The top NFC East teams are on the move up in the rankings this week. Now they get to play each other.
  16. San Diego Chargers (2-3), last week 15: Yet another heart-breaking home prime time loss for the Chargers.
  17. Dallas Cowboys (2-3), last week 17: If any team needs a bye week, it’s them.
  18. Washington (2-3), last week 20: Washington did all it could but couldn’t knock off Atlanta.
  19. Baltimore Ravens (1-4), last week 14: This isn’t your Ray Lewis defense, not even close.
  20. St. Louis Rams (2-3), last week 18: I can’t figure this team out.
  21. Kansas City Chiefs (1-4), last week 16: After a 1-4 start and the loss of Jamaal Charles, things are very bleak in Kansas City.
  22. Tennessee Titans (1-3), last week 19: Maybe the bye week cooled off Marcus Mariota.
  23. Oakland Raiders (2-3), last week 21: The Raiders are staying in games but they can’t seem to get over the hump.
  24. Cleveland Browns (2-3), last week 25: Don’t look now but the Browns are playing pretty, pretty, pretty well.
  25. Miami Dolphins (1-3), last week 24: Let’s see how the Dolphins players respond now that they have a new coach.
  26. Chicago Bears (2-3), last week 28: The Bears won a tough game on the road and are 2-3 and still don’t have Alshon Jeffery.
  27. New Orleans Saints (1-4), last week 26: Remember when opposing teams use to fear the Saints offense?
  28. Houston Texans (1-4), last week 29: The long week should get Arian Foster more up to speed, but will Brian Hoyer be just another speed bump?
  29. San Francisco 49ers (1-4), last week 30: Colin Kaepernick settled down and had a good game but it still wasn’t good enough.
  30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3), last week 32: Thanks to the vintage Doug Martin performance, the Buccaneers are 2-3 somehow.
  31. Detroit Lions (0-5), last week 27: Last I week I said there was too much talent on this team to be winless. Looks like I was wrong.
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4), last week 31: Despite Blake Bortles’ big game, the Jaguars fall to 1-4 and last in the power rankings for the first time this year.

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