Saturday - Jul 31, 2021

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Beginners Article Three: Now You’re Armed And Dangerous

Now that you've found out all the information you can from your favorite Web sites, message boards, forums, etc., you are ready to jump into the water with the Sharks. You are chomping at the bit to get in a league, or several leagues, show that you have done your homework and are ready to compete with the big fish. Before taking the plunge, let me give you a few tips that will at least get you heading for the right pond, lake, ocean or sea. If you listen closely, you might even give the appearance of being armed and dangerous when you take that dive into those murky waters.

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Raining On The Parade

I'm not just sick of the Brett Favre saga. I'm sick of hearing how sick people are of it. But I couldn't resist - I had to write one article about the situation. I'm not going to tell you that Favre will be a solid low-end starter. I'm not going to tell you that he'll be a solid backup. In fact, I'm not going to tell you that he'll be solid at all.

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Due Diligence on the Runningback By Committee

Back in July, I made my case for declaring The Rise of the Running Back by Committee a myth. Long-time writer and friend of the site Greg Kellogg joins me in the Stat Lab this week for an independent take on the subject, while I look deeper into recent backfield trends, including injuries in recent years and how experience translates into opportunity.

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The Rookie Report: WR Edition

Welcome everyone to the third installment to the 2008 Rookie Report. Each week during the regular season, the report will cover trends, news items and analysis of notable performances by the NFL’s 2008 Rookie Class to assist in your pursuit of dynasty championship gold.

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A 12-pack of Value for 2008

Fantasy football drafting is all about value. In this edition of Digging Deeper, we’re going to look at guys who are going too low in drafts or will provide excellent value for where they’re being drafted all things considered. Because of this, they should be reasonably easy to obtain if you really want them, regardless of your draft position. This is slightly different than a sleeper list in that we’ll talk about early round guys as well as mid- to late-round prospects.

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Fantasy News of the Week- 8/10

Finally the Brett Favre circus has performed its last act, but where do fantasy owners go from here? What kind of backlash is Aaron Rodgers seeing due to Favre’s move to a less greener broadway-esque state?   And finally, what kind of effect has it had on the former Jets quarterback?  Find out all this plus more, including camp quotes and the Shark News Rundown in this week’s edition of Fantasy News. 

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