Tuesday - Mar 2, 2021

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Pat Smith wins Great White Shark League

Pat_Smith bested

Choo, both long time forum members here at FantasySharks.com in the Great White Shark League our top league here at FantasySharks.  The Great White Shark League is comprised of just champions that have to prove themselves in the lower tiered shark leagues before being elevated to the very top. 

Our two Whale Shark league champions who are the next rung down were

Maki’s Marauders and

Agenda42.  We’ll see you next year in the Great White Shark League.  In addition, the two Total Points winners move up as well and they were

Executioner and

Aussie Cowboy makes his way back to the Great White Shark League.  Congratulations to all Shark League champions and Total Points winners as you’re moving up next year to a higher class of competition.  Can you keep it going?

Some of you are being promoted, some of you demoted and some of you standing still but we’ll see all of you next year for more Shark League fun.

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