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Personal observations from the Chiefs and Vikings practice

I was able to personally observe four joint practice sessions between the Chiefs and Vikings in River Falls, WI the last two days.


First of all, for all of you Chiefs fans, I saw nothing, repeat nothing wrong with Priest Holmes.  He both walked and ran like a very healthy person.  Anyone backing off of him in any league because of questions about his hip, forget the questions.  Besides personal observation, I also had a chance to visit with a person doing reports from Chiefs Training Camp for a Kansas City radio station, and he said that Holmes has looked great all camp.


As for wide receivers, Marc Boerigter appears to be the third WR. Tony Gonzalez made the Vikings look bad time and time and time again.  For that matter, the Viking defense made Trent Green and the entire Chief offense look extremely good.


From a fantasy perspective, throughout the season, based on what I saw of the Viking defense in the last two days, if you have a chance to start a QB, or TE or WR that is playing against them, do it.   Anyone that knows what a big Viking fan I am will realize how much it pains me to say that.


As for the Vikings RBs.  The rotation on Wednesday was Doug Chapman, Larry Ned, Onterrio Smith, James Wofford, and John Avery, in that order.  Moe Williams did not practice at all.  On Thursday, the rotation was Chapman, Williams, Ned, Wofford, Smith, Avery.


Jim Kleinsasser did not practice on Wednesday, but did practice on Thursday, however in both morning and afternoon sessions, he was getting his foot attended to.


None of the three Viking PKs (France, Epstein or Elling) distinguished

themselves from what I saw.


The Viking pass offense looked good, with Kelly Campbell being the third WR.  He was also fielding punts.  


The Chiefs pretty consistently shut down the Viking rushing offense.


Vonnie Holliday was dominant for the Chiefs.  He was awesome to watch.  


On the more personal side, John Madden was in attendance today, and my son literally walked along side of him and spoke with him, though Madden refused to sign any autographs.


I had four kids with me for the last two days.  One got the autographs of E.J. Henderson and James Wofford and was told by Tony Gonzalez that he didn’t have time to sign at the moment because he had to get to the next drill.  One got the autographs of Daunte Culpepper, Randy Moss, Byron Chamberlain, Kelly Campbell, and E.J. Henderson.  My oldest son got the autographs of Daunte Culpepper, Randy Moss and E.J. Henderson.  My youngest son got Kelly Campbell and Randy Moss both twice (once each day), Chris Hovan, Byron Chamberlain, and Jack Brewer.  Can you believe that we got Randy Moss to sign four items?!?!?!?!?!?!  Maybe he has

matured slightly.


I also witnessed the following incident.  At the end of the last practice this afternoon, Chris Hovan is approaching a group of anxious youngsters clamoring for his autograph.  Some college age idiot along the fence yells out “Hey Hovan, Brett Favre is going to kick your ass this year.”  Hovan points at the idiot, says “You just made me decide to walk away.”  He gives his gloves to a kid, and walks away without another word, leaving a bunch of disappointed kids.  I don’t blame him from walking away from a loud mouthed idiot looking to start something.  I just think that it is too bad that kids suffer disappointment because of idiots like that.  Think about it.  Shout it while he is on the field if you must, but keep that kind of stuff away from the young kids trying to get an autograph.


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