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Pick ‘Em Contest Update!!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  We’ve fired up the Swim with the Sharks Contest and we’re about ready to release the Pick ‘Em Contest (just waiting on the Vegas lines!).  We’ve added some new features to the Pick ‘Em Contest and we are sure you will like them.  Managing your office pool, the ‘for entertainment purposes only’ one, just got a little easier.


You can create your own group by clicking here.  Simply enter your group name and a password and you’re all done.  Everyone that you want part of that group can join by entering the group name and password here.  You’ll notice that you can belong to as many groups as you like.  Your weekly picks in the Pick ‘Em Contest will apply to all groups that you belong to.  You don’t get separate picks for each group. 


After the games have been played you’ll be able to see how well you did within your groups as well as how you did against everyone that participated.  We’ll even calculate the scores after the Sunday games have been played so that you can see going into the Monday night game if you’ve got a chance to win it all.  No more responding to the Monday morning onslaught of ‘Did I win the pool this week?’  Simply direct them to the web site and they can see for themselves. 


One other feature added to the Pick ‘Em Contest is a team’s history against the spread.  Each team will be a link to how they have done against the spread this year.  Week 1 will show how the team did last year. 


I hope you like the changes we’ve made.  If you have any questions, comments or problems with the contests drop me a line at bleonard@fantasysharks.com.  Good luck this year.

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