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PICK ‘EM and SURVIVOR: Week 15

Top 5 Pick ‘Em
Season Record: 38-29-3

New York Giants +7.5 (vs. Philadelphia) – Losing Carson Wentz is a critical blow to the Eagles who have already lost key players on both offense and defense. The bottom line is that the Eagles have been dreadful all year on 1st and 2nd down. Wentz was there to constantly bail them out on long 3rd downs with plays that few quarterbacks are capable of doing on a regular basis. The Eagles will have shorter drives, which results in less points and their defense being on the field a lot more than in previous weeks.

San Francisco -2 (vs. Tennessee) – It’s not every day that a team in the running for the first overall pick is favored against the current #5 seed in the AFC. Jimmy Garoppolo has led the 49ers to two straight wins since he joined the team and continues to live up to the hype. Additionally, the Titans have only managed to cover one spread in their last seven road games.

Cleveland +7 (vs. Baltimore) – The Browns almost snagged the win last week against the Packers. Josh Gordon is back and looks like his old self, giving the Browns some life. Expect this game to be low scoring and sloppy on offense for both teams.

Dallas -3 (@ Oakland) – The Raiders look like they have given up. It’s amazing how a team that was tied for first place in their division can be so lifeless on the field. While the Cowboys have their own set of issues and can’t compete against the elite teams (or even middle of the road teams), they’ve shown the ability to pummel the bottom dwellers of the league. The Raiders have only covered two spreads in their last 10 games versus NFC teams.

Atlanta -6 (@ Tampa Bay) – Have the Falcons found their groove? It certainly seems like it. They are only one game out of first place in the NFC South. With games left against all three division rivals, a sweep of those games will secure the division and a home playoff game. The Buccaneers are looking to play spoiler, but have only managed to cover two spreads in their last 12 games.
Top Survivor Picks

Minnesota (vs. Cincinnati) – Even though the Vikings lost last week, they are still one of the league’s top teams and are looking to capture a first-round bye.

San Francisco (vs. Tennessee) – See above. You need to take chances when it’s this late in the season.

Survivor Avoids

Baltimore (@ Cleveland) – See above. Quickly forget about last week’s offensive performance against the Steelers. The Ravens are the most popular pick this week with 23% of selections.

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