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Top 5 Pick ‘Em

Season Record: 4-5-1

1. New England Patriots -13 (vs. Houston) 

The Patriots are exactly who we thought they were and Week 1 was a bit of an anomaly. The Texans have only covered the spread one time in the last eight meetings with the Patriots and they have been outscored a combined 22-88 in the last three. Deshaun Watson showed promise at times, but the Patriots and Bill Belichick thrive against inexperienced quarterbacks.

2. Dallas Cowboys -3 (@ Arizona)

The Cardinals have only covered the spread four times in their last 15 home games. Losing David Johnson is crippling, and Carson Palmer hitting his mid-year form this early only exacerbates the situation.

3. Philadelphia Eagles -6 (vs. New York Giants)

There are a lot of issues with the Giants, but it starts with their offensive line. Eli Manning is constantly under pressure, there is no support from arguably the weakest set of running backs in the league, and the wide receivers aren’t able to get open. It’s a mess. Unfortunately for the Giants, they now have to travel to Philadelphia where they’ll face the toughest defense so far. The Eagles have been owning the Giants in recent years as well, covering (and straight up winning) 14 of the last 20 games and five of the last six.

4. Green Bay Packers -8.5 (vs. Cincinnati) 

Could this be the week we see the Bengals in the end zone? Maybe. The Packers had a tough start to the season and the floundering Bengals are a welcomed opponent. Green Bay has covered every spread in their last five home games, while the Bengals have been trending down and have only covered six of their last 20.

5. New Orleans Saints +6 (@ Carolina) 

You can expect this game to be low scoring. It’s true that the Saints have one of the worst defenses in the league, but it’s also true that the Panthers offense is in disarray. Greg Olsen is out for most of the season, Cam Newton is off to the worst state of his career, and it doesn’t look like anyone wants to step up and make plays.

Top Survivor Pick

Green Bay Packers (vs. Cincinnati)

See above. New England is also an obvious pick, but you are better saving them for later in the season.

Survivor Avoid

Carolina Panthers (vs. New Orleans)

See above. It is a divisional game and Carolina hasn’t shown any reason to be used in a survivor pool.


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