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Top 5 Pick ‘Em

Season Record: 9-10-1

Philadelphia -6.5 (vs. Arizona) –  The Cardinals are 0-4 against the spread this season and pulled off two lucky wins against the Colts and 49ers. In one of the biggest mismatches this week, the Cardinals offensive line will get pummeled by the Eagles defensive front.

Green Bay +2 (@ Dallas) –  It is always nice when the Packers are on this side of a spread. This will be a similar showing as to what played out in Dallas last week. Plain and simple, the Cowboys do not know how to play against fast-paced offenses. It’s a little bit of Jason Garret, but Ezekiel Elliot and the running game aren’t controlling the clock like they did in 2016.

Jacksonville +8.5 (@ Pittsburgh) –  Both of these teams are sporting top-ranked defenses (Steelers 3rd, Jaguars 7th) through the first four weeks of the season. While the Steelers offense still looks great on paper with the usual play makers, something is missing. They have been pedestrian at best against some of the worst defenses.

Buffalo +3 (@ Cincinnati) –  The Bengals were finally able to pull off a win last week against the Browns, but still remain winless at Paul Brown Stadium. The Bills are a surprising underdog this week as they take the league’s top-rated defense to Cincinnati, where they look to keep the Bengals streak of “no touchdowns at home” alive.

Kansas City -1 (@ Houston) –  The Chiefs are the last team standing with a perfect record and that won’t change on Sunday. It’s difficult to take anything away from the Texans and the impressive 93 points they scored the past two weeks, but we need some perspective. The Patriots and Titans have the 32nd and 31st worst defenses in the league. The Chiefs meanwhile, are in the Top 10. Fun Fact: The Texans have played 25 night games in team history and only covered the spread three times.

Top Survivor Picks

New England (@ Tampa Bay) –  It’s apparent that the Patriots defense is a total mess. The biggest difference this week verse the previous two is that the Buccaneers defense is not nearly on the same level as the Texans or Panthers.

Philadelphia (vs. Arizona) –  See above. A solid alternative if you already selected the Patriots.

Survivor Avoids

Pittsburgh (vs. Jacksonville) –  See above. This is by far the most popular pick with 38%.

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