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Top 5 Pick ‘Em
Season Record: 42-35-2

Indianapolis -4.5 (vs. Jacksonville) – The Jaguars cruised to another atrocious season with an offense that is in discussion for the worst in the league. This is a team that has only won two road games in the past two seasons. Although out of the playoffs, the Colts offense has enough in the tank to outscore the Jaguars by five points.

Denver -2.5 (vs. Oakland) – Losing Derek Carr is a crushing blow for the Raiders who were on their way to a first round bye. Now the Broncos defense gets to feast on Matt McGloin.

Dallas +6 (@ Philadelphia) – It isn’t possible for the Cowboys to sit ALL of their studs. It would be an insult to Tony Romo for him to start and the Cowboys can’t sit their entire offensive line. The Cowboys are still the better team even if Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott get some rest.

Chicago +5.5 (@ Minnesota) – The Vikings have won two of their last 10 games, one of which has come against the Jaguars. Their defense was the rock that was making the team look respectable, but they have now surrendered 72 points in the last two games.

Green Bay -3.5 (@ Detroit) – Aaron Rodgers is one game away from delivering on his Week 12 promise of winning every game the rest of the season.


Top Survivor Pick

Indianapolis (vs. Jacksonville) – See Above.

Survivor Avoid
Minnesota (vs. Chicago) – See above.

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