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Player Analysis – NFC East

New York Football Giants

Quarterback – Eli Manning – In his third year, the younger Manning should only get better as he has gained experience to go with the amassed offensive weapons of Tiki Barber, Jeremy Shockey, Plaxico Buress, Amani Toomer, and now Sinorice Moss. The only drawback I can think of is that the G-Men have a difficult schedule…such as an opener with the Colts and that other Manning guy. Looking over the board of QB’s, he’s already in the top 5 in the NFL.

Quarterback – Tim Hasselbeck – Another guy with a pretty good brother playing QB in the NFL. Will have a good “view” from the sidelines unless Manning is hurt.

Running Back – Tiki Barber – After the “Big 3” running backs, there’s no reason that you can’t list Tiki next. Last year’s 2,400 total yards tell you that. He’s on an offence that will move the ball and keep defenses guessing. The only downside is Brandon Jacobs stealing some TD’s down close to the goal. I’d take that risk.

Running Back – Brandon Jacobs – Pretty much limited to the goal line which makes it hard to place much value on him at this point.

Wide Receiver – Plaxico Burress – Good news. Bad News. Plaxico will get lots of action; however, he’ll have to share the balls with Shockey, Toomer, Moss, and Carter, as well as Barber out of the backfield. All the receivers had solid numbers last year but none had great numbers since they are sharing the action. Look for that trend to continue.

Wide Receiver – Amani Toomer – Beware. He’s most susceptible to losing time to Moss and Carter. His numbers have been in decline so his risk has increased.

Wide Receiver – Sinorice Moss- Picking Rookies can be dangerous, especially on a team with so many weapons. He’ll start at #3 but he or Tim Carter will likely finish the year at #2 ahead of Toomer. Certainly a possibility for late round flyer….especially in a keeper league since I see him starting next year.

Wide Receiver – Tim Carter – FINALLY healthy. He might be the #2 receiver on the offensive juggernaut by the end of the year…or not. He is one of those guys whose “potential” has enthralled and whose health has given migranes. The Giants seem committed so he may not be worth a draft pick but could have his Fantasy value rise as the year goes on.

Tight End – Jeremy Shockey – Remains in the elite TE’s in the league but never seems to produce the numbers expected. If he can stay healthy, will produce in the top 3 TE’s and may be poised for a break out year but don’t reach too early.

Kicker – Jay Feeley – A solid kicker who will have LOTS of chances to score. Feeley should be in the top 5 Kickers in the league in scoring this year.

Philadelphia Eagles

Quarterback – Donovan McNabb – Hits the new year healthy and without the distraction of T.O. That’s good and bad since the receiving corps looks like it did before T.O. which was a bunch of marginal guys. I’m gun shy here. He won’t run nearly as much and the talent around him is questionable. I think his numbers will be in that average QB portion of the Fantasy world.

Quarterback – Jeff Garcia – Yikes. If the Eagles need him, it’s over.

Running Back – Brian Westbrook – Coming off injury (a trend), the Eagles have committed to running more and taking more load off McNabb. Westbrook is a very solid back but is likely in the middle of the pack in Fantasy value as he likely won’t get the ball near the end zone and will split carries with Moats.

Running Back – Ryan Moats – Will spot Westbrook in his second campaign but has limited Fantasy value.

Running Back – Correll Buckhalter – Another guy with an injury history. He might get the ball at the goal line but has limited value.

Wide Receiver – Reggie Brown – Someone has to be the #1 receiver now. At best, a #2 Fantasy guy but most likely a #3 if he gets the chemistry going with McNabb again. Don’t get me wrong, he has loads of young talent but will draw loads of attention from “D’s” with a thin receiving corps. More of a sleeper type in my mind.

Wide Receiver – Greg Lewis – Low value

Wide Receiver – Jabar Gaffney – Very limited value

Wide Receiver – Todd Pinkston – Even less value

Tight End – L.J. Smith – May benefit the most from McNabb’s return. In the top third of TE’s in the league, he may be McNabb’s outlet and will get his share of balls.

Tight End – Matt Schobel – Will get his share of opportunity in a weak receiving corps but not worth much from a Fantasy perspective.

Kicker – David Akers – One of the elite NFL kickers. My concern is whether this Eagles offence will give him enough scoring chances this year.



Dallas Cowboys

Quarterback – Drew Bledsoe – Should only be better with T.O. in the mix (assuming the locker room doesn’t melt down). This should be a solid “O” with Jones and Barber carrying the mail and T.O. joining Terry Glenn and Jason Witten. This could be my real sleeper to consider.

Quarterback – Tony Romo – Shouldn’t expect much action

Running Back – Julius Jones – Tough call with Marion Barber in the mix. Jones should have very productive numbers but Barber will get a good share and the goal line action.

Running Back – Marion Barber – How much of the committee will he be? He’ll likely get the ball at the goal line and be the 3rd down back. His value ups quickly if Jones gets hurt (again).

Wide Receiver – Terrell Owens – When he plays and has his head IN the game, he’s as good a receiver as there is is in the NFL. That “when” part is the risk you take for the reward. My guess is that he will fit in with the Parcells system and won’t cost himself anymore $$$ by his antics. He should put up premiere numbers and can be considered anytime after Steve Smith.

Wide Receiver – Terry Glenn – It cuts both ways. On one hand, he’s the #2 option now; however, T.O. will draw LOTS of defensive attention (doubles) leaving Glenn with less attention in what should be an improved offence. He should be a very solid #3 Fantasy receiver.

Tight End – Jason Witten – Already in the top handful of TE’s, he may get more scoring chances with an offence that should be improved. He’s always a favorite in the red zone and the Cowboys should be there more.

Kicker – Mike Vanderjagt – An accurate kicker who will get chances which keeps him in the top handful of options at Kicker.


Washington Redskins

Quarterback – Mark Brunnell – A fine BACK UP QB for your Fantasy team. With Antwaan Randel El and Brandon Lloyd, the Skins “O” should be respectable.

Quarterback – Jason Campbell – Could be starting by the end of the year if the Skins are out of contention and looking to the future.

Running Back – Clinton Portis – Monitor the news on that injured shoulder to see if he’s still worth a pick in the 5 to 8 range. It’s a critical pick for your team and a shoulder is not incidental. Consider picking Ladell Betts as a safety pick later if you do take Portis.

Running Back – Ladell Betts – His value is in the back up and third down role…unless Portis can’t go. Then everything aligns for this pick.

Running Back – Rock Cartwright – If he’s putting up “meaningful” numbers, the Skins are in trouble.

Wide Receiver – Santana Moss – He had a very productive year with solid weekly production and a few big weeks. Is he the best “Moss” now? He may see his opportunities decline with the arrival of Lloyd and Randal El; however, defenses will have to honor them more and pay less attentive to Moss.

Wide Receiver – Antwaan Randal El – Should have average production for a #2 NFL receiver meaning he’s a #3 to you at best.

Wide Receiver – Brandon Lloyd – Should have average production for a #2 NFL receiver meaning a he’s a #3 to you at best.

Wide Receiver – David Patten – They thought so much of him that they added Randal El and Lloyd. Enough said.

Tight End – Chris Cooley – A top 10 TE who will continue to produce and improve. Is he the 4th best TE or the 10th best? If Portis is hurt, he will get more action and be at the better end of the list.

Kicker – John Hall – A solid kicker on what should be a solid offense. Looks like a Fantasy #2 kicker to me.


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