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PLAYER PROFILE: Dwayne Washington

Do I own him in a dynasty league?  Yes.  Did I put waiver claims in for him?  Also, yes.  Do I think the hype train is heading towards the out of control zone?  Absolutely, yes.

There has been a steady stream of favorable reports and blurbs about him for months, but let’s remember where he came from.  He was a highly thought of high school prospect that flashed enough signs his first year of college ball to put himself on the radar entering 2014.  He was unexpectedly quiet thereafter, eventually losing his job to Lavon Coleman (I know, who?) by midseaon.  After missing a couple of games a fire got lit under him and he finished with a fury, netting 100+ yards at a 7+ yards per carry clip in each of his final 3 games.  The hype machine came to a boil again then he crashed and burned again in the bowl game and proceeded to have another slow start in 2015 before eventually missing the second half of the season due to injury.

This does not look like the next big thing in our game; this looks like the last few years of Christine Michael.  The talent is there, as are the highlights of the 6’1″, 225-pound bulldozer, but translating it to the field has been an ongoing issue.  Why will it change now?  I do not expect big things out of him and even if they do happen, I’d look to sell immediately as he has never had a productive stretch of more than 3 games since high school.  This has the potential to be a late producing stock, but more of the 2017 or 2018 variety; not this season.

The real beneficiaries of Abdullah’s injury are all associated with the passing game.  The Lions may be throwing 50+ times per game until (if?) he comes back.

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