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PLAYER PROFILE: Kenneth Farrow (Don’t Over Think It)

Is it possible Melvin Gordon returns this season?  Sure, but his hip injury Sunday was bad enough to require him to be carted off the field.  Additionally, it was later revealed he is also dealing with a knee injury.  For all intents and purposes at 5-8 the Chargers’ season is over, so there really is no reason to force Gordon out there again if he is nowhere near 100%.

Did Kenneth Farrow play great Sunday when called upon against San Diego?  No, and it’s been diagrammed in detail elsewhere.  He missed some opportunities with the ball in his hands and he blew a critical block on what turned into the strip-sack that sealed the game.  Was he so bad that the Chargers will look for reasons to play Ronnie Hillman over him?  Also, no.  Remember, the Chargers just signed him three weeks ago and there is reason to believe that it was only to prevent the rival Denver Broncos from getting him (they also submitted a claim for Hillman).  He’s bounced around the league this year like many other veterans; short term week-to-week insurance policies have value.  That said, why would a team trying to build momentum for next year turn to a guy like him?

We don’t know what Farrow has to offer, but you know what?  The Chargers don’t know either, and they’re going to want to find out.  Having already lost Branden Oliver and the 31-year-old Danny Woodhead to serious injury, they do not know who their second running back will be for 2017.  Could it be from what’s rumored to be the best running back class since 2008?  Sure, but before committing to that route wouldn’t they like to see what they have in-house first?  After all, draft capital could be used to fill so many other holes throughout their roster and Gordon showed this year that he is more than capable as a lead back.

The word I’ve seen thrown around most as it pertains to Farrow is ‘solid.’  Not just recently, but in preseason…in the build up to the draft…watching Houston Cougars football…the message has been the same – ‘solid.’  I’m not in the brain trust in San Diego, but that sounds like the type of player I want backing up my star running back.  I think he will get his shot to show that the next three weeks.  How does that impact you?  Well, look who the Chargers play Week 16.

The only team in the league worse on defense than the Browns is San Francisco and as you all know the Browns have not won a game either.  Melvin Gordon owners were licking their chops looking at this matchup and while soon-to-be Kenneth Farrow owners won’t be doing it with the same expectations they should be excited.  You probably don’t want to rely on him this week given all the uncertainty surrounding the situation, but there’s a good chance he’s in a position to carry his teams to championships next week.  Make the claim.

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