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PLAYER PROFILE: Stop Dropping Tyler Lockett

I get it, the first 5 weeks have been frustrating to own Tyler Lockett.  The offense as a whole got off to a bad start then Russell Wilson got hurt (twice) and it came out later that Lockett was trying to play through a bad knee.  Most teams prefer their bye week be later rather than earlier, but given all the injury issues surrounding the Seahawks a Week 4 bye is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Russell Wilson still may not be 100%, but he’ll still be under center.  Tyler Lockett though?  He should be fine…yet his ownership % in ESPN leagues is down to 53.4%, an 11.3% decrease from last week.

In August, he was the 34th-ranked wide receiver according to Fantasy Pros ADP.  This on the heels of his 51/664/6 2015 campaign.  Doug Baldwin has emerged as the #1 wide receiver and Jimmy Graham is finally realizing the potential that Seattle expected when they traded for him, but no one else has emerged so there’s plenty of room for a third starting caliber weapon.  Jene Bramel, Football Guys writer and medical professional, tweeted this in regards to Lockett’s injury entering the bye –

With only 14 snaps to his name in Week 4, it should be no surprise that his numbers suffered (again); and 3 targets in just 14 snaps is certainly encouraging.

After his week of rest he now draws the league’s 26th-ranked pass defense in Atlanta.  Are you starting him this week?  Heck no, but if you don’t add him now then you may be relying on waiver priority next week.  Trust what you thought of him a month ago and get him on your roster for cheap now.

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