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Player Prop Bets – Week 16

Each week I dig through player props and attempt to pick out the most attractive opportunities. After all, betting is all about finding bad odds and exploiting them! The
Sand$ represents how much I am wagering and ultimately how confident I am in each bet. The money line is displayed at the end of each bet. Like a point spread, the money line is used to even out the attractiveness of both sides. For example, a negative line of -115 would require a bet of 115 Sand$ in order to win 100 Sand$. A positive line of +130 would return 130 Sand$ when a bet of 100 Sand$ is placed. Occasionally I will put out a parlay bet as well. A parlay is a single bet that links together two or more individual wagers and is dependent on all of those wagers winning together. The benefit of the parlay bet is much better odds than placing each individual bet separately since the difficulty of hitting it is much higher.

Season prop bets: 20,000 Sand$
Week 16 prop bets: 1,500 Sand$
Last week gain/loss:
+3,261 Sand$
Season gain/loss:
+14,991 Sand$

Week 15 Results

200 Sand$
Josh Freeman (Tampa Bau) Total Passing Yards OVER 260.5 (-115)

300 Sand$Brian Hartline (Miami) Total Receiving Yards OVER 56.5 (-115)

300 Sand$ Tony Scheffler (Detroit) Total Receptions OVER 3 (EVEN)

200 Sand$Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona) Total Receptions UNDER 4.5 (-115)

200 Sand$ Jamaal Charles (Kansas City) Total Rushing Yards OVER 99.5 (-115)

200 Sand$ Stevan Ridley (New England) Total Rushing Yards UNDER 70.5 (-115)

100 Sand$ – The Detroit Lions To Score 2 More Points Than The Green Bay Packers (-115)

Week 16 Player Prop Bets

300 Sand$
Michael Turner (Atlanta) Total Rushing Yards UNDER 53.5 (-115)

The new gift that keeps on giving. We miss your prop bets Mark Sanchez and Alex Smith.

200 Sand$
Matthew Stafford (Detroit) Total Completions OVER 25.5 (EVEN)

Stafford has completed more than 25 passes in two out of every three games this year, and Atlanta’s pass defense is just about average. This bet also has even odds!

200 Sand$
Greg Jennings (Green Bay) Total Receiving Yards OVER 52.5 (-115)

After a disappointing first game back two weeks ago, Jennings had seven targets and looked a lot more comfortable last week against the Chicago Bears. The Tennessee defense is a much softer matchup.

100 Sand$
Aaron Hernandez (New England) WILL Score a Touchdown (+110)

Gut call of the week!

300 Sand$Trent Richardson (Cleveland) Total Rushing Yards UNDER 70.5 (-115)

Richardson is averaging 3.5 yards per carry this year and now faces one of the top defenses in the league. It’s possible he can break off a run for a big gain, but I’ll take my chances.

100 Sand$ Mike Wallace (Pittsburgh) Total Receptions OVER 4.5 (EVEN)

Wallace has more than 10 targets in each of the last two games since Ben Roethlisberger’s return.

200 Sand$
– San Francisco vs. Seattle – Longest Touchdown of the Game UNDER 38.5 yards (-115)

A kickoff or punt return is the only real threat to this bet when these two defenses are on the field.

100 Sand$ – The Philadelphia Eagles To Score MORE Points than the Seattle Seahawks (-115)

Season Prop Bets

5,000 Sand$ – New York Jets to win UNDER 8.5 games (-180)

5,000 Sand$ Jimmy Graham receiving yards +35 yards will be more receiving yards than Rob Gronkowski records (-135)

Graham: 779 receiving yards
Gronkowski: 748 receiving yards

5,000 Sand$ Greg Olsen OVER 550.5 receiving yards (-115)

Olsen: 747 receiving yards

5,000 Sand$BenJarvus Green-Ellis OVER 850.5 rushing yards (-115)

Green-Ellis: 1,080 rushing yards

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