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#37 Jahleel Addae, S
Los Angeles Chargers
Height 5' 10"
Weight 195 lbs
Age 27
Birthdate January 24th 1990
College Central Michigan
Year 2013
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No Statistics Available
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Entering his fifth NFL season, Addae told the team's website he's getting his lead on. 'Going into year five, I'm a little bit more vocal,' Addae said. 'I'm not a young guy anymore. I'm getting on that verge of 'vet,' but it's awesome. I've embraced it. This offseason has gone really well for the group all together.... This (rookie) class has done well. They came in, gelled with us, and it's like we've been together for two or three years.' FWIW, Addae's per-game production was pretty good in 2016. If he can stay healthy, Addae's another low(ish) profile DB who could return substantial value.

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No current injury information exists for Jahleel Addae
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