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# Jarrad Davis, LB
Detroit Lions
Height 6' 1"
Weight 238 lbs
College Florida
Year 2017
Round 1   Pick 21
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Season Projections
Davis, the Lions' first draft pick in 2017, hasn't wasted any time impressing DC Teryl Austin. 'He's got good leadership ability. He's got good qualities -- you know, the things we saw on a tape -- so we like where we are right now. Obviously, finishing up here and then (training) camp's going to be big for him,' Austin told the Detroit Free Press. 'I think when you play in some of those advanced schemes where you're doing a lot of different things, it helps when you come to this level because things are going to be kind of the same. The terminology may be different, maybe a little bit different technique, but, overall, it's similar and you can adapt to it and I think that's what he's doing.' Davis is in line to be a three-down MIKE linebacker from Day 1 -- and that means IDP upside galore.

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