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# Jabrill Peppers, S
Cleveland Browns
Height 5' 11"
Weight 213 lbs
Age 21
Birthdate October 4th 1995
College Michigan
Year 2017
Round 1   Pick 25
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Per the Detroit News, Peppers said he's willing to do whatever the Browns ask of him. 'I had to memorize a lot of things last year -- different positions, different schemes -- and I came in with the assumption that it would probably be about the same,' said Peppers. 'But it's been easier than I expected. What I did at Michigan, it definitely broadened my knowledge -- my football wits, I guess. And the game is still 80-percent mental, so once you have a good grasp of the playbook, you can play faster. That's what I've been trying to do, learning what I'm supposed to do and the branching out to learn what other guys are supposed to do to get the full concept.' Peppers has considerable talent, and he showed his versatility in Ann Arbor. But none of that means a thing in the NFL yet. Don't overpay for what might happen -- especially in the secondary.

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