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#32 Eric Weddle, S
Baltimore Ravens
Height 5' 11"
Weight 195 lbs
Age 32
Birthdate January 4th 1985
College Utah
Year 2007
Round 2   Pick 5
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Season Projections
Weddle told Ravens Wire he expects the entire Baltimore secondary to be improved in 2017. 'We have more plays on the ball, no busts. We're competing,' Weddle said. 'We have a great opportunity, and we have depth. Just seeing it mold together as OTAs went on and minicamp, of what we can become -- but it's only going to happen if we strive to be great. We strive to keep each other accountable, including myself.' The 32-year-old was a solid DB2 in his first season in Charm City last year, and there's little reason to think he can't at least come close to that level of production in his second.

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