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#43 T.J. Ward, S
Denver Broncos
Height 5' 10"
Weight 200 lbs
Age 30
Birthdate December 12th 1986
College Oregon
Year 2010
Round 2   Pick 6
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There's been some speculation Ward's days in Denver could be numbered, but the veteran safety told Denver 7-TV he doesn't plan to go anywhere. 'I would love to finish my career here,' Ward said. 'I'd like to see something get done. They have done that in the past with guys. I think I have proven myself. But if they think I need to show more, then I will just have to keep proving it to them.' Ward had 87 tackles in 14 games last year, which doesn't sound all that imposing. But he was sixth in FPPG among defensive backs. That, in technical terms, doesn't suck.

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