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Playoffs-Championship Week

A child is a wonderful miracle that I wish everyone could experience. I took last week off for the birth of my first child, so hopefully my six faithful readers didn’t miss too much. The life changes are completely unbelievable, and it is funny to say “my daughter” or use her name. I have been told that time will go quickly, so I must try to appreciate every second. My wife has been wonderful, and apart from the obvious physical requirements there is no way I could have done this without her.


Now, on to football…


Since it hasn’t already gotten enough press, let’s discuss Randy Moss. He is the definition of quandary. He is the reason they can win a championship, and also the reason they won’t. He is not a team player, and his incredible skills will never be tapped completely because he won’t allow it. He doesn’t want to be coached, and he won’t ever be traded while Red McCombs owns the team to make the team better. He has lost touch with reality, forgetting that the fans are the reason he is able to make the money he does and insulting hardworking people by saying that a $10,000 fine means nothing to him. The way he is going, he will be forty and penniless, wondering what happened. I would never wish that on anyone, but I wonder what will happen to him when those incredible physical skills are gone and he has to rely on teamwork and hard work to be great. 


The next thing I want to talk about is the Eagles. There is a great deal of commentary that the Eagles experienced no layoff after four weeks of rest, since their last meaningful game was week 15. However, my apologies to Eagles fans but I don’t see their performance as being that impressive. The game was never out of reach, and they struggled at points against the 28th ranked defense, 29th against the pass. McNabb was sharp, carving up the D like a Thanksgiving turkey but there needs to be some consideration for the competition level. The Eagles defense was impressive, but again there were not many expectations from the number six seed against the class of the NFC. They will have a difficult road not losing four straight championship games. Though, it is extraordinary that they have made it to four straight finals, one short of the record. I have to contend they will have difficulty establishing their offense against the front four of Atlanta, and I doubt they have the athletic ability on defense to keep up with Vick and the Falcons.


The other things that have brought major commentary were the play of the Steelers this past week, and that the Patriots will come in this week and whip them since they are playing so well. In fact, I believe the Patriots are favored. The same people are saying that if Bellichick can confuse Peyton Manning, he can do a number on Ben Roethlisberger. So my question would be why didn’t he do it in week 8 when the Steelers handed it to the Patriots? Ben completed 75 % of his passes and threw two TDs and no picks including standing in against the blitz and hitting Burress for a 47-yd TD. History is not on the Steelers’ side, as they are 1-3 in championship games under Cowher, the last loss to the Patriots in 2001. I really think Big Ben had his forgettable game last week and removed the playoff jitters and will be there to play on Sunday. These teams are very well matched and the game will be a good one. I have a sneaking feeling that the outcome will not be what most people expect. We shall see.


Quick Hits:


I think we have seen the last of Brett Favre. I may be jumping the gun, but after the disappointments adding up and the wear and tear taking effect on his body and family, I think there is a good possibility we will hear words of his retirement. That will give him five years to prepare his acceptance speech.


Many believe that the winner of the AFC Championship will be the winner of the Super Bowl. If Mike Vick and the Falcons get in, I’m not so sure it is a lock. He is too much of a wildcard and they play defense too well to simply lie down.


This has been a great season, and I certainly appreciate all the readers that have supported me and the website. The end of the season is only a few weeks away, and I can’t believe it has already passed.


On to next week, and the Super Bowl preview…

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