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Post draft thoughts on a recent draft …

Some post draft thoughts on a recent draft …

After the draft is over, there comes two long weeks where you have some second thoughts about your team. I have anticipation for that opening kickoff.

This is the year I am going to win it all. 

How many times have I said that?

I have short-term memory like a QB that just threw a pick and needs to get back on the horse.

This year I am looking for league championship number three.

I play in a keeper league where every team holds four players. There are 12 teams. So 48 players consequently are held. The league goes back to 1990, and although some team names change, the participants largely remain the same. I got involved in 1993 and can’t see a season without fantasy sports.

My keepers were Barber III, LJ, J. Cutler and Steve Smith (CAR). I knew that I could gamble in the RB department since I have two very capable backs.

I took Rivers pretty early on; I’m not regretting that but I realize that better talent was on the board. (HOMER)

The thought was to get Winslow after Gates and

Witten came off the board.

I couldn’t pass on Bowe at 85, even though I own LJ.

I thought Mr. 4.24 may be there at 109, but wasn’t willing to wait.

Seattle D was more of an impulse pick knowing the strength they had at the front seven, particularly at LB. I saw Jeff Reed as more of a safe bet but who cares about kickers?

I was drawn second out of a random hat pull for the X-Man and was happy to see Mendy there even if he had the same bye (week six) as two of my other backs.

Our rule is you can only draft three WR’s and RB’s, and the X-Man can be any position but you have to wait until that round to acquire.

I was happy with the overall, but missed Ronnie Brown by six picks in my draft. I had him falling to me at #85. (Pipe dream)

Pick #49  Rivers (S.D.)

Pick #61  Roy Williams (DAL)

Pick #73  Kellen Winslow (CLE)

Pick #85  Dwayne Bowe (K.C.)

Pick #97 Chris Johnson (TEN)

Pick #109 Seattle D   

Pick #121  Jeff Reed (PIT)

X-Man –  Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)

Now that the draft is complete, I see some opportunities. Kurt Warner is going to steal Leinart’s job. I wasn’t sure pre-draft how that would play out. I expected it later in the year. The time is now.

Eddie Royal was undrafted, and I feel the Va. Tech product is primed for a surprise start.

San Diego D is going to hurt without Merriman.

Giants D loses Osi Umenyiora (ouch).

Buffalo D makes a move into the Top 10 fantasy D’s?

Vincent Jackson goes undrafted …?

Opportunity knocks.

Of course in every league there are Homers who want nothing but their team’s players.

I felt good about the draft overall, but I am always looking for the next great situation.

Here it is:

Warner is a great situation. His numbers were better than Brady’s over the final eight-game stretch in 2007 throwing 21 TD’s. His supporting cast is fantastic. Get him now!

One Final thought:

Mr. 4.24 Chris Johnson is turning heads. Mostly heads of defenders when they realize that he’s already by them. His fantasy value is a little hampered by the slug aka. LenDale White. I listened to concerns of Johnson not being an every down back. I don’t agree and we shall see if/when White gets nicked.

I have seen that extra gear from a rook once before, Marshall Faulk. Coincedence that they both wear #28? Not in my mind.

2008 San Ramon Sasuatch

QB1 – Jay Cutler

QB2 – Phillip Rivers

RB1 – Marion Barber III

RB2 – Larry Johnson

RB3 – Chris Johnson

WR1 – Steve Smith (car)

WR2 – Roy Williams

WR3 – Dwayne Bowe

TE – Kellen Winslow II

K – Jeff Reed

D – Seattle

X – Rashard Mendenhall

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