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Power 5: Five Draft Day Steals

T.J. Houshmandzadeh

Yahoo Sports average pick: 93 (late 7th round, 12-team draft )
Houshmandzadeh finished the 2009 season with respectable stats. Even with the Seahawks quarterbacking problems, he managed to string together big games. He finished 19th for receptions, 28th in yards, and here is the big stat, 12th in targets. This is what I’m trying to say – I’m looking for guys who will get the opportunities to succeed. If he is going to be thrown at like he was last year with Matt Hasselback, who is reported to be in the best shape of his life, I want this guy on me team. He is one of the best route runners in the game, and even played with rib problems last year. He should fill your third wide receiver spot, and I promise he will not disappoint. He’s my man crush this fall. Draft him late sixth, early seventh round in a 12-team league.
          ****** 7th easiest schedule in 2010

LaDainian Tomlinson

Yahoo Sports average pick: 96 (early 8th round, 12-team draft)
Everyone is drinking the ‘hatorade’ on Tomlinson this year. They say he is slowing down and not going to see much fame in the future. We can talk all we want about how Shonn Greene is the man, but let’s get the facts. Greene has not pulled his weight for a whole season yet, and the New York Jets need to have a guy supporting him. Tomlinson will get at least a handful of carries per game, and have a good chance at receiving goal line touches. He will also see most third downs and be used to catch balls out of the backfield. If Greene should ever get injured, Tomlinson is fantasy gold. The Jets are a running team, behind the third-ranked offensive line in the NFL. Grab him late in the seventh round after your done picking your starters. He has tremendous upside, especially for a guy where nobody knows what to expect.

Justin Forsett

Yahoo Sports average pick: 111 (early 9th round, 12-team draft)
Forsett is a fantasy owners dream – he runs well, catches really well and scores. The only problem that scares people away is that he plays in

. At the start of Week 10 last year, Forsett found himself in a starters role. In those eight games, every time the Seahawks let him touch the ball more than 10 times a game he averaged 99 yards on the ground and even caught eight passes in Week 11.

has been impressed with his offseason, and look to get him the ball even more in 2010. I like guys who get opportunities, and he will get that this fall. Draft him in the eighth round in a 12-team league, and strongly consider him a starting flex option/second or third running back.
           *******2nd easiest schedule for running backs in 2010

Steve Breaston

Yahoo Sports average pick: 102 (middle 8th round, 12-team draft )
Breaston found himself in a pass-happy offense last year under Kurt Warner. Even with pro bowlers Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin around him, he still mustered up decent statistics. In 14 games for the Cardinals, he averaged four catches and 50 yards a game, with a couple touchdowns. Now Boldin is gone, and he steps into the No. 2 receiver role for the Cardinals. Fitzgerald will see a double team all year, leaving Breaston and Early Doucet open to be creative. Even though the Cardinals have quarterback question marks, expect Breaston to haul in 70-80 balls this year with a handful of touchdowns. I see him as a third wide receiver option/ flex starter because he will see plenty of targets. I like his chances of breaking out.
              ****** 9th easiest schedule in 2010

Donnie Avery

Yahoo Sports average pick: 120+ (10th round or later, 12-team draft )
Avery is a big-play guy, with lightning skill. He ended his rookie campaign as the Rams’ go-to-guy in 2008, and in 2009 his stats plummeted because by Week 12 Keith Null was throwing him the ball. This year he has a Heisman Trophy winner, Sam Bradford, working with him. If Avery heats up and starts running deep routes like he did, there’s no reason why he can’t be in your starting lineup by Week 7. He showed flashes of dominance in 2008 (six catches, 160 yards, touchdown at
New England) and taking him in Round 10 before any other owner does is something you must look into. He has the most potential of anyone this year because his value is rock bottom. He can only go up from here. He will be the Rams’ go-to-guy in 2010, so draft him.

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