Sunday - Jun 16, 2019

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Power Rankings

Rank Team Note
1 Dallas Cowboys Run Emmitt Run (oops)
2 Minnesota Vikings Air-Frerotte into Moss’s Mitts
3 San Francisco 49ers San Fran Scores its Name
4 Washington Redskins Ramsey puts Coles in Philly’s Xmas Stocking
5 Pittsburgh Steelers Brown Out for the Pittsburgh O
6 Denver Broncos Broncos Trample Chiefs
7 New York Giants Running Back Staff beats Miami’s Staph Defense
8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers No Running Game Tonight
9 Miami Dolphins Rested Offense Covers for Staph Defense
10 San Diego Chargers Charging at the “Detrimental Spot”
11 St. Louis Rams Bye Bye Bye
12 Kansas City Chiefs KC Running Game needs more BBQ Sauce for Broncos’ Grill
13 Green Bay Packers Just taking what is given
14 Jacksonville Jaguars And they call them the San Diego Colanders
15 New Orleans Saints Passing Game Relies on Tipped Balls
16 Indianapolis Colts Manning is Mangled
17 Houston Texans Bye Bye Bye
18 Arizona Cardinals Too Much Trouble
19 New England Patriots Running Game shows the QB’s Backslide
20 Seattle Seahawks Rested Let Down
21 Baltimore Ravens Bye Bye Bye
22 Oakland Raiders Raiders Plunder Chicago Rookies
23 Tennessee Titans They take advantage of a loophole in the Law of Defense
24 New York Jets Bye Bye Bye
25 Philadelphia Eagles The Black Panthers join the offensive line in order to reclaim McNabb’s image
26 Buffalo Bills I think they have a running game this week
27 Cincinnati Bengals In a Dill-on pickle against open-door run defense
28 Carolina Panthers Rested, but they still can’t perform
29 Atlanta Falcons The offense just can’t
30 Chicago Bears The Lack-luster offense meets a porous defense.
31 Cleveland Browns The Pittsburgh D will Outscore the Pittsburgh O.
32 Detroit Lions Remember Barry Sanders? This team really misses him.


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