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Why Should I Become a VIP Member?

GET ‘A HOLD’ OF YOUR VIP MEMBERSHIP TODAY! Many are asking: Why get a Fantasy Sharks Membership, and how is it different from my normal Fantasy Sharks experience?

With a membership, you receive a deeper level of applied analytics originally developed by one of the founders of fantasy football insights on the internet —  Fantasy Sharks finalized the acquisition of Fantasy Insights last season, picking up the entire writing team, grew it by adding Fantasy Sharks writers to the team, partnered with a variety of the best fantasy industry products on the market and added a few bells and whistles like an exclusive membership pin, Fantasy Sharks apparel and rebranded the membership as a Fantasy Sharks VIP Membership.

Fantasy Insights was the first to post a weekly projections ranking by position- the original “Crystal Ball” rankings.  They created daily fantasy player updates.  They were the first to give weekly game capsules focusing on fantasy impact, the first to have fantasy depth charts and injury reports, the first to send out free agent waiver claim advice on Sunday nights after games — you get the picture.  Their longevity means they have been tracking fantasy football data longer than anyone else in the business.  They made their name on advanced insights by focusing not on what the player news is, but rather what that news means for your player and team.  They have a strong track record of winning, which is why they have been doing this successfully for 23 years!  From a practical perspective, the content is essentially an electronic magazine with frequent updates and unique perspectives from top-notch writers.

About the Pre-Season Report

About the Weekly Report

Fantasy Sharks adds all sorts of additional high-quality tools that allows the team  to go even deeper and more precise and customized than ever.  In addition, you’ll notice that many of our industry partners have lined up to offer their services for one low price.  If it’s Sharks gear that you want, look no further than our Platinum or Diamond membership.  We encourage you to read through what each membership level offers and make your own decision as to which one fits you best.

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We’re truly thrilled to be able to offer these new membership packages and we think you’ll enjoy all the perks and benefits that you receive.


Dish Adams

Editor, Fantasy Sharks VIP Membership Services

About Dish Adams

Dish Adams is formerly the Publisher of Fantasy Insights, the original Premium Fantasy Football Reports on the Internet founded in 1994. Dish has hosted fantasy segments for both NBC Television and Sporting News Radio in Los Angeles, and famously beat Bloomberg's Decision Maker Machine in a season long sit/start battle, promptly resulting in his removal from Bloomberg TV. Dish made headlines in 2013 when he qualified for the Million Dollar Finals for Draft Street, ultimately finishing 7th out of over 50,000 entrants and bagging a cool $20,000 at the Lagasse Stadium in Vegas. Dish serves as Editor-In-Chief of the VIP reports and as the Cruise Director for Fantasy Sharks VIP Member Services.