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Preparing for the draft in 2010

Many will enter the draft this season unprepared. So what should they do to prepare themselves? Is buying a fantasy football magazine and knowing it front to back enough? Aren’t the cheat sheets printed in these magazines? Can’t I just use these cheat sheets? Buy magazines, look at many different websites, and study everything fantasy football to get ready.

Yes, these magazines are helpful, but if you want to truly win, you must commit yourself to other sources of information. Don’t just draft according to the cheat sheets that are published in a magazine. Buy 2-3 magazines and develop your own cheat sheets by position – quarterbacks, runningbacks, wide receivers and tight ends.

My cheat sheets will include the following:

1.) the number of years of experience for the player

2.) offensive line ranking

3.) offensive line ranking for run blocking and pass blocking

4.) the strength of schedule for each position

5.) the bye week


You will need to Google “strength of schedule” and search for a schedule that breaks down position by position. Don’t get caught up in drafting a player based on last year’s numbers. Draft guys who have a favorable schedule, which will give them a better chance to be successful this season.

Keep a watchful eye on the direction of the draft. If there is a high run on quarterbacks, don’t be afraid to grab a top-rated wide receiver. Remember drafting the safest picks will probably get you to the playoffs, but in order to win a championship, you must be willing to take some chances. If there are no risks, then there are no rewards. This is not to steer you toward making every pick a risky pick, but it should encourage you to take some chances.

Good luck!

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