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PRESEASON WEEK 1: Quick Thoughts

It’s only the preseason people. I am here to weed through the important things to remember, or the ones to forgot, from the first week of preseason NFL football. Let’s make sure we make one thing clear: Thank the powers above that football is back. Let’s Dive In!


Don’t get too excited about the Titans’ run game quite yet

They dominated the Chargers in their preseason game on the ground. Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray looked impressive and fresh. I would understand your excitement and intrigue after watching their performance, but know the context. The San Diego Chargers may have one of the weakest front sevens in football. You have to take that into consideration when evaluating these performances. I will wait until their Week 2 matchup against the Carolina Panthers’ front seven before I make a judgement call on this Titans’ run game.


With the 1st pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the 49ers select…..

They don’t have a viable quarterback and Chip Kelly’s system doesn’t even need an excellent one to have success. DeShaun Watson and Brad Kaaya better start thinking about San Francisco as their new home.


RGIII is a placeholder for the new franchise quarterback in Cleveland, drafted in next year’s Draft

Speaking of a crappy quarterback situation, let’s look at Robert Griffin III and the Browns offense. Unless they can drastically improve that offensive line, RGIII may get destroyed early in the season. Add this to the idea of no Josh Gordon or Corey Coleman so far and this is not a good combination. Maybe DeShaun Watson and Brad Kaaya should also be thinking Cleveland as well.


If you Draft Tony Romo in fantasy, think about handcuffing him with Dak Prescott


I really liked him heading into the NFL Draft and had him as a “sleeper” quarterback. He is a stud physical specimen and can sling the ball down the field. That offensive line is stellar and would help any rookie quarterback if they were forced into action. I obviously wouldn’t walk into a fantasy season with only Tony Romo and Dak Prescott on my roster at quarterback. Draft Romo, get another solid quarterback, but also grab Prescott late as insurance due to Romo’s injury history. If you are not comfortable with it, that’s fine, I’m just asking you to consider the idea.

P.S. If Dak Prescott is available in a Dynasty league…. GET HIM!


Is the Jaguars offense that good…or.. Is the Jets defense in trouble?

The Jaguars offense looked crisp and explosive in their early drives led by Blake Bortles. The wide receivers made some impressive plays and helped Bortles move the ball down the field. Allen Robinson looks like an animal and Marqise Lee looks healthier than he has ever been. Todd Bowles’ defense looked a little sketchy and gave up too many big plays. The Jets were so worried about getting Ryan Fitzpatrick to lead their offense that they may have a bigger issue with their defense. I’m curious to see how the Jaguars can match their performance against the Buccaneers next week. Can the Jets improve against the Redskins’ struggling offense in their next preseason game?


Let’s not write off Jared Goff after 1 preseason game

People love to write “bust” as soon as possible with 1st round quarterbacks. That will be no different for Jared Goff, especially after the Rams gave up a ton of draft capital to acquire him. Let’s examine a couple big facts to put into context for this game. Todd Gurley did not play, so the Cowboys defense knew they didn’t have to worry about the run game. Also, the Cowboys’ secondary is not that bad and can be a tough opponent. Let’s see how Goff responds next week against the Chiefs.


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