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Welcome my fantasy brethren to another edition of The Prognosticator, may it cap your season. What a ride it’s been this 2017 NFL season, as usual, big name injuries led to a lot of heartache. Until Todd Gurley got it going on, most fantasy teams were bunched up tight in their standings as the talent was spread around amongst most of them. As usual though, it took a few gambles to pay off and some shrewd waiver wire moves to get most into the winners circle. Thanks for another season here at Fantasy Sharks, we do hope you enjoyed your stay. We’ll start draft coverage at the site in the not too distant future as we begin scouting the next fantasy rookie class.


Passing Rushing
Team Score Team Score
NE 252 NE 106
PHI 230 PHI 90

How to read the table: The table shows how a team will do Passing and Rushing in the upcoming week of the NFL. Red is HOT, Yellow is WARM, White is NORMAL, Light Blue is COLD and Dark Blue is FREEZING COLD. Play players from teams that are Red and Yellow, avoid players from teams that are Light or Dark Blue and expect average days from teams that are White.

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Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots – Sunday 6:30pm
Philadelphia will play tough and will play well but it simply won’t be enough. The two best units on the field will be when the Patriots offense and the Eagles defense are on the field but Brady will find the seams. Both teams will do a good job of spreading it around to all their players so expect a lot of names in the box score but not many individual big days. Because of it, it means Tom Brady is a shoe-in for Super Bowl MVP, league MVP and if they had it, Master of the Known Universe MVP. The Patriots haters will be out in force after this but even they have to recognize just a little, that history is being made. As far as I am concerned, there have been four true NFL dynasties, the Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys and Patriots. The Steelers won six championships, the other three have won five and with a win by the Patriots, it puts them firmly in the ‘Best Team of All Time’ conversation. Even if some would like an asterisk next to it; asterisk or not, with a win, let the debate begin.


Favorite: New England Patriots by 5.5
Prediction: New England Patriots 30 – Philadelphia Eagles 24
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