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Welcome my fantasy brethren to another edition of The Prognosticator, may it be a satisfying end game. Thanks once again to all of you for stopping by this year. If you’re still here, you’re hardcore, and I thank you for that too. We’ve been honored to be one of your frequented stops in your travels this season, thanks for putting your trust in us.


Passing Rushing
Team Score Team Score
KC 262 SF 128
SF 213 KC 96

How to read the table: The table shows how a team will do Passing and Rushing in the upcoming week of the NFL. Red is HOT, Yellow is WARM, White is NORMAL, Light Blue is COLD and Dark Blue is FREEZING COLD. Play players from teams that are Red and Yellow, avoid players from teams that are Light or Dark Blue and expect average days from teams that are White.

All times are Eastern

San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs – Sunday 6:30pm
This Super Bowl will be one for the ages. You’ll be telling your grandchildren about this game. If you already have grandchildren then for sure you’ll be talking about this game with them. There won’t be any surprises here. Both teams will feature exactly what you expect them to and both will have success running their game plans. There are just two candidates for Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes and Raheem Mostert with the outcome likely tied to which team wins the game. Expect greatness from this game.


Favorite: Kansas City Chiefs by 1.5
Prediction: San Francisco 49ers 31 – Kansas City Chiefs 30
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