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Prospects: The Year of the Wide Receiver, Part 2

Who is Austin Collie? He’s 6-foot-2, 210 lbs. and was born to play wide receiver. He’s not the flashiest player and won’t make many highlight reels, but when you need a tough catch to be made he’ll make it. He’s a savvy route runner, has natural hands and sticky fingers, sees the ball and reacts to it very well, has excellent body control both across the middle and on the sideline, good (but not great) speed, enough to get on top of the defense because he gets to top speed in a hurry, and is known for his work ethic and won’t be a distraction on or off the field.

It should be of no surprise he was a target draft day of the passing-oriented offense of the Colts. He’s a perfect fit in this offense. He’s a steady, reliable option in the passing game opposite the flashy play making Reggie Wayne. Even before injuries forced Collie into a more prominent role, he entered the league ready to start in the slot. It was difficult to get much of a read on him in his first significant action Week 2 against the Dolphins since the Colts possessed the ball for less than a quarter of the game, but he did bring in a crucial third-down catch on a quick out in the third quarter. This is the type of play owners can expect Collie to consistently make going forward and will keep him on the field consistently. He won’t ever be a fantasy No. 1, but in this offense and with Peyton Manning under center he can be a reliable No. 3 starter once he’s given more snaps. Most people are buzzing about Pierre Garcon and his big play ability after his game-winning TD Week 2 (and rightfully so) but Garcon is limited in his own right. He’s fast, real fast, and has big-play potential every time he touches the ball, but he’s probably not ever going to be a consistent fantasy option. There’s a reason Collie was the named starter Week 2. Garcon was called upon in a situation role and that should not change going forward either. He just happened to make the big play he was called upon to make on one of the few plays he was on the field to make. Short sighted owners will look up Garcon, but deep thinking owners prefer Collie. He’s the long term answer in this offense.


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